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Hiya all!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve tweaked the website slightly.  You’ll notice a snazzy new banner featuring Retridemption’s new logo!   24 more words


Boss Battles - The Elemental Shifter

A great resource for those interested in old-school RPG Maker design is a blog called “Final Boss Blues.” Whenever I think about that name, I immediately start thinking about, well, bosses. 626 more words

Game Design

Agile Game Design Documentation

In most cases it’s essential to do some design work before you can begin implementation. Typically the artifact coming out of this is some form of documentation about the game or feature to be implemented. 785 more words

Game Development

Golem.de Interview : "The Art of Killing Games"

Golem.de is a tech news source for Germany. Recently they did an interview with me regarding my GDC Europe Presentation “The Art of Killing Games”. 1,199 more words

Game Design

Designing for Emotion

What do we mean by “designing for emotion”?

A lot of historical role-playing games were designed specifically to replicate the actions and events of a tabletop wargame. 1,786 more words

Nordic Larp

Computerless Video Game Design

A few months ago, my eight-year old goddaughter came to me asking if I would teach her how to make video games. She didn’t know… 1,062 more words

Game Design

My Thoughts On: Designing Outside The Box

*In this class discussion, we were to comment and debate the validity (or insanity) of renowned author (The Art of Game Design) and Game Designer Jesse Schell as he spoke at Dice 2010.   763 more words

Game Design