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5 successful games based on logic and minimal graphics

Games that test your intelligence and boost your brains are enjoyed by everyone. The popular example of logical game is Sudoku – maximum of you have been addicted to this game. 619 more words


PlayStation Experience: Dec 6th & 7th 2014 in LAS VEGAS

Check out the livecast streaming straight from Las Vegas!

ps. this is ‘elevator music’ from the Playstation Experience,

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A Comedy of Errors: Reviewing WildStar

I really wanted to like WildStar. I also really wanted WildStar to be a good MMO, but you can’t always get what you want. The promise of a fun, cartoony sci-fi game drew me in, and while Carbine Studios delivered on two out of three of those promises, I was still let down in the end. 1,981 more words


How to change objects or create effects with sound frequencies in Unity?

Sounds are one of the most interesting, unobvious and yet an important element across all successful games. Be it the music or the SFXs, they create an unconscious cognition and feeling of accomplishment within the Players. 219 more words


Time, place and professionals

Professionalism is being lost. This overexaggeration and generalisation applies a bit too for its own good. The game industry, being as young as it is, has seen a shift from reasonably well dressed personal will sense of image to those who simply wear whatever and don’t give two damns of their image. 982 more words

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Video Game Dogma

So I recently picked up a copy of Far Cry 4 and have been playing it a lot.  It’s a great game and just bombastic fun.   929 more words

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