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Game to watch: Warlocks

I’m not going to write a review because in the end I’m not a journalist of any kind and everyone will have a vastly different opinion regardless. 131 more words

Pixel Art

Pedro’s Adventure: The Sacrificial Link Update 1

Hi Folks! Just a little update on Pedro’s Adventure: The Sacrificial Link for your faces!

The good news is that the development of Pedro’s Adventure is going pretty darn well! 115 more words


Google will require a developers physical address and a list of prices for apps with IAP

Google has been cracking down on in-app purchases (IAP). Recent sanctions in the European Union, as well as by the FTC in the US has seen Google (and others) taken to task over the ease with which children can access IAP and how hard it is to then refund those purchases. 23 more words

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Into the Azure: Microsoft Azure Dev Camp

Just this past Friday, I attended with my colleagues, Microsoft Azure Dev Camp, wherein we got introduced to the wonders of cloud network services through Microsoft Azure. 840 more words


Celebrate The Small Things: 26 September

  • I’m getting the new game Fantasy Life tonight and spending all evening and Saturday playing it with my boyfriend. I can’t wait. :D
  • Getting a takeaway pizza tonight.
  • 105 more words

The Difficulties Of Developing For Touch Screens

If I’m being completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of touch screens, but a while back I joined a Game Jam with a friend where we had to build a tablet game with the theme of ice. 606 more words