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That Game About Colors

My first fully completed game, (complete with crappy one button menu and “cutscenes”) has now been finished! Go through the exciting tale of Color Man, a strange man with the amazing power to change his color! 55 more words

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The Big Blue

A game I made for Ludum Dare 29, with the theme “Beneath the Surface.” Of course, this meant that almost everybody chose to make mining or diving games. 81 more words

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Floating Connections - Ludum Dare 30

This was my Ludum Dare game. The theme was connected worlds. It was my first unity game

So, my game originally started off as a portal ripoff. 145 more words

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10 Squared

I made this for the Ludum Dare contest. The theme was 10 seconds.


It’s a game about dodging bullets while trying to reach the exit in 10 seconds. 34 more words

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Cyanide and Happiness talks Game Artists

I had to share this one. Thanks to Jack Cooney for posting this on the Facebook group ‘Indie Game Developers‘.

(Source: Cyanide and Happiness)

Game Development

Spamocalypse: How the AI will work

I ran into a design problem while trying to decide how to make the AI for the different enemy types. So, I posted a thread on the Unity forums asking which of the following would be the best design: 651 more words

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Returning to form?

It’s been over a year since I updated this blog so I should probably tell you what I’ve been up to. While I was working on my main XNA project, Meteor Engine, I have also been unemployed most of the time, just getting by with a bit of freelance web developer work here and there. 194 more words