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Here’s my entry to the 2014 Gender Jam. The purpose of the jam was to make a game based on your personal experiences with gender. 158 more words

Game Design

A new tree and a lighting problem

Tonight I drew a tree that looks like a tree, so I am pleased! Now that I have a handful of objects in my Unity scene, I tried to add some lighting and found that Unity lighting does not know how to handle my PNG files by default. 33 more words

Game Development

Go Wide, But Love Constraints!

Concepting and prototyping allows developers to cheaply explore a design space in order to find the nuggets of gameplay that can be polished to a high sheen. 618 more words

Game Development

Completed a jumping script and created some clouds

Tonight I completed a basic jumping script for the lawn gnome. For a long time, my scripts would compile with no errors but the gnome would not jump (only move left/right). 65 more words

Game Development

Game Development Cross-Roads: Technology

When you start out in game development, or indeed any, career, you encounter big crossroad decisions.  These can cover all manner of topics, but today I want to deal with technology, and specifically, the choice of appropriate technology for the next step. 636 more words

Game Development