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Game Development: The Beginning

One of my favorite pastimes is playing computer games and while searching for a new game to try last weekend I stumbled upon Papers, Please… 187 more words

Game Development

Friday Roundup 3: I Don't Mean To Brag, But...

It’s Friday, woohoo! I haven’t had much time to keep my blog up to date this week and I probably won’t have much time next week either, but we’ll get to that part a little later. 277 more words


Trust is stronger than control

We producers tend trust processes and forget that trust, communication, skill and determination is a huge thing. We tend to rely on Scrum, Kanpan or similar over persons skill and expertise. 1,366 more words


Trying out RPG Maker VX Ace

Well, I’d never have figured I would get into this sort of 2D game making tool but Humble Bundle’s (now over) Game Development competition had me psyched. 358 more words

Game Development

Kick off for my new Tutorial: How to implement a space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT

I’m preparing a new tutorial:

My goal is to implement a complete space shooter with SpriteKit and SWIFT.

Planned content is:

  • Part 1: Initial project setup, sprite creation and movement using SKAction and SKConstraint…
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Introducing... Fractured Empire!

Just a quick update to let you all know that the full design spec for Fractured Empire is now available to view. I’m sure you’ve probably heard me blabbering on about it enough by now but there are a few things you should probably bear in mind if you do decide to take a look: 199 more words