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Celebrate The Small Things: 22 August

  • Went out for an all you can eat buffet with some friends. I think I really needed that time to switch off.
  • Finally got my hands on a copy of Pokemon Y (I bought Pokemon X on launch.) Now I can finally get some Charizardite Y for my…
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To reach BlackBerry customers and more, go Amazon

We posted earlier about our Amazon Appstore licensing deal. We’re happy to provide additional assistance to help you to take advantage of this exciting new opportunity. 476 more words


Agile Game Design Documentation

In most cases it’s essential to do some design work before you can begin implementation. Typically the artifact coming out of this is some form of documentation about the game or feature to be implemented. 785 more words

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Bits and Bits Screenshot Update

We’re learning a lot as we develop this game and our ideas often change to make the game more user friendly, or better looking, or better designed overall. 243 more words

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New Pixely Shoot 'em Up 'Supermassive' is Shooting for A Fall Release

I haven’t, admittedly, played too many shoot-‘em-ups on iOS, but most of them have been kind of dinky, for lack of a better word: they’re usually a little slow and a little simple, if only to contend with the strictures and realities of touch-friendly action. 236 more words

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Celebrate The Small Things: 15 August

  • The Stoops gave me a gift of Baileys Irish Cream to thank me for helping them with their website; Apparently they felt I’d handled the job quickly and professionally.
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578 thousand new apps predicted to enter Apple App Store

Competition is tough with more than 578 thousand new apps predicted to enter the Apple App Store by July 2015.

Currently, there are 1,252,777 apps available in the App Store, and as many as 60 thousand apps are typically added every month. 238 more words

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