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An Excuse


Because some words are better than none, right?


Run, Jump. Run!

Finally had time to put in a little more (I wish it was a little) work on animating. Jump has spent all his time hitting the gym and bulked up quite a bit. 118 more words

Jump Duck

A look at some of the costs for opening up your own indie studio

What does it really cost to open an indie studio? All your money, most of your life

It is common to hear about game companies having crushing financial woes in the games press. 2,204 more words

Game Development

Create a Survival Game - Great Starting Point

While searching for a good point to start, I stumbled upon a great set of tutorials from Brackeys. Throughout this 30+ video series, we get to see many of the main aspects of a first person game come together, as well as learning some basic unity functionality. 185 more words

Game Development

HTML5 Sucks (For Games)! Don't Believe the Hype!

If you believe everything you read HTML5 is the saviour of the web. It’s this all singing, all dancing multimedia platform that beats everything. It’s better in every way than plugin based solutions such as Flash for everything, including games. 1,268 more words

Game Development

Refocusing Efforts

I’ve been struggling a great deal with my game’s design. At every turn I face more doubts about the feasibility of the project, and it’s started to feel more like work than fun. 234 more words


There's a first time for everything

And this week was the first time I got a game on the App Store, the game is called Fall in Cave, I learned a lot while developing this game.  108 more words

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