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Oculus Rift World Space Cursors for World Space Canvases in Unity 4.6

Unity 4.6 is here! (Well, in public beta form). Finally–the GUI that I’ve waited YEARS for is in my hands. Just in time, too. I’ve just started building the GUI for my latest Oculus Rift project. 401 more words


The Replacements

Blaugust 20th

“I’m here to replace you,” says the youth to the elder. This, I think, is how a lot of people view the generations as we grow older. 514 more words

Gamer Culture

Jam Quarters: Ludum Dare 30

    The 30th Ludum Dare

It’s back and gearing up for the thirtieth time (not counting the mini-LDs.) This jam is like our jam safety pillow; we can always depend on its swift return. 361 more words



Hiya all!

Just a quick post to let you all know that I’ve tweaked the website slightly.  You’ll notice a snazzy new banner featuring Retridemption’s new logo!   24 more words


Agile Game Design Documentation

In most cases it’s essential to do some design work before you can begin implementation. Typically the artifact coming out of this is some form of documentation about the game or feature to be implemented. 785 more words

Game Development

My Thoughts On: Designing Outside The Box

*In this class discussion, we were to comment and debate the validity (or insanity) of renowned author (The Art of Game Design) and Game Designer Jesse Schell as he spoke at Dice 2010.   763 more words

Game Design

Gameplay Pitch: Indigo Prophecy, aka Farenheit

*Below is an assignment I submitted for my Design, Development and Analysis course.  The assignment was a chance to work critically and creatively.  We were asked to choose a game and improve upon a design element or create a brand new one.   798 more words

Game Design