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Newts Light Build 0.3

Here is an original game concept currently in development called Newt’s Light.  The core mechanic is shown in this early prototype.  The player moves a prism that interacts with a light which in turn activates platforms that can be jump on. 123 more words

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Getting Into Game Design In India: Shriram Srinivasan Shares His Experiences

I met up with Shriram Srinivasan in Bangalore to talk about how he decided to get into the video game industry in India. Currently starting his final year of college at DSK Supinfocom, Pune, he has worked on projects that have won international competitions, been nominated at the BAFTAs and showcased by IndieCade at E3. 1,933 more words

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Mechanic Prototype

Here we were given a mechanic to prototype.  In this case the idea is that the player can switch between three ages, child, adult, and elder.  165 more words

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Nearing the end

The first post in along time… sorry.
Expect a lot more over the next two months however! As the project is getting close to the end! 79 more words

Level in UDK

This is a level I helped create using UDK.  It was created from a game concept that was provided to us, along with some assets.  Basically it is a game where you find keys to unlock doors and solve small puzzles. 109 more words

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Developer Diary #1

Welcome to the first entry of our brand new dev log. From here we will be looking to keep our fans updated on whats going on with our projects and tracking any obstacles we’ve overcome during the week. 297 more words

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Where’s RPG Maker on Mobile?

When Enterbrain released the first RPG Maker game, “RPG Tsukūru Dante 98” in 1992, they opened the doors for gamers who loved RPGs to begin exploring all the possibilities of creating their own games. 346 more words

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