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Blog 606: The Vagaries of Control

You know why my aim is so rubbish in all those demo videos I’ve been posting of my game? Subtlties of cursor-following rotation and dual wielding, that’s what. 853 more words

Game Development

Back On Track

A lot has happened over the last few weeks. I finished the UE4 lab, we brainstormed for our UE4 game project, and I joined a final games project! 443 more words

Game Design

Weekly Update 9/29/2014

Well this update is a little late but at least I made my Monday deadline (barely). Another week has gone by but not much has been accomplished. 879 more words


Chi-Coder: Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself.

Our blog has been around for nearly a year now and there was always a plan to start including some more personal touches.  Sure, everything on here is written by us, so in that sense it already is personal, but while we’re very similar in many ways, Chris and I definitely have some very different interests in and outside of gaming.  705 more words

Video Games

September 22 - September 29, 2014 - The Alpha and the Omega

Well, it falls to me to record once again that everything is going really rather well, if not spectacularly so. The thing about game development – and I think we’re all coming to learn this as we go along – is that it’s not the quickest of things, nor is it the most exciting to watch from the outside (bar game jams and the like, but I can’t see a disparate and geographically about as separated as is possible group of people managing to make anything under jam conditions). 531 more words

Game Dev

Eternal Conflict Farm Zone!

So while the team is working on implementing the combat system and fine tuning the script i continue to map! Here is a nice sized map i have been working on over the last few days.


Lessons Learned: Optimizing a Procedural Dungeon Generator in XNA

“Optimization” and “Accessibility” are two words that are, if nothing else, lingering in the depths of my mind when I’m writing code. I understand most of the basic steps that one must take to make sure their code is optimized, efficient, object-oriented, modular, and understandable by people other than myself and computers. 886 more words