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Game Design Part 1

Design is a word we hear pretty often nowadays. I think a lot of people have a hard time taking the title “designer” seriously un less it’s preceded by “industrial” and especially not if it’s preceded by “fashion”. 539 more words

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Play more games

Games have had a bit of a bad rep lately. Between Gamer Gate (euh) and people accusing games of making people violent, the game community hasn’t been doing too hot in terms of likeability. 425 more words

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Project 1: GBTSE III post mortem

Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III: Infinity Laser

(Game Link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/67186245/GBTSE%20III/GBTSE%20III%20PT%202.html)

Gun Blaster Tank Ship Extreme III: Infinity Laser (hereby referred to as GBTSEIII), was the first group project that I worked on for Studio 1, and it was certainly a very interesting project. 951 more words

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Last Game Update for the Term

Please take a look at our most recent build. A lot has changed, and we’re sorry about the lack of updates recently, but we were hard at work making sure the game was as polished as possible ahead of our final presentation for it. 79 more words


Weekly Update 12/15/2014

Hello and here we are for another weekly update! Not much has been going on development wise as I figured would be the case when I decided to switch over to Unity3D. 516 more words

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Game Development...

Great blog about game development started by a graduate of my Computer Science program can be found here

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How to set sprites that automatically change with resolution?

This graph depicting a ruthless android fragmentation, was released by open-signal almost 18-20 months ago. Since then the market has only fragmented further, creating thousands of screen resolutions. 236 more words