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Stateless, layered, multi-threaded rendering - Part 3: API Design Details

In the previous part of this series, I’ve talked a bit about how to design the stateless rendering API, but left out a few details. This time, I’m going to cover those details as well as some questions that came up in the comments in the meantime, and even show parts of the current implementation. 3,040 more words

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How to make your own mini game?

There are many types of games, RPG game, MMORPG game, multiplayer game, browser game, adventure game, mission game, mini game and etc. Today, I will focus on mini browser game, specifically HTML5 browser game. 225 more words


30 Days Game Making Challenge ...

So I’ve received this email say’s  Make your first game in 30 Days  that was from BUILDBOX created by GameAcadamy founded by Trey Smith, I was on my 4th day as I write this blog, And I haven’t started and decided what game I want to build. 311 more words

(Single-Threaded) Latent Functions in C++

I’ve been recently considering conversion of one object oriented Unreal Script like language code into C++ to improve its run-time performance. And while most of the features of the language seemed easy to transform from one to another there was one that wasn’t trivial to do: latent functions. 412 more words

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Raining Dead On Hold

Well, coding can be tedious and bothersome. Raining Dead’ is on hold for now, but there are two other projects in the works, and one is about finished.

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Eidos-Montreal's New Game Engine

Eidos-Montreal (Square Enix’s studio responsible for Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Thief) announced their new game engine named, Dawn Engine.  Dawn is based on IO Interactive’s Glacier 2 engine and boasts greatly improved rendering and real-time physics capabilities.   117 more words


25+ resources for succeeding with HTML5 canvas

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple years, the canvas element in the HTML5 specification is fairly simple to understand. Basically, it’s a rectangular area in your page where you can use JavaScript for drawing anything you choose. 15 more words