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Unreal Engine 4 to be the game engine for Tekken 7 release

Namco Bandai announced the next title to their Tekken #fightinggame franchise, Tekken 7, during the 2014 Evolution Championship Series. The #announcement was made alongside a trailer video. 269 more words

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Leadwerks game engine now on Steam for Linux and Windows PC

Linux support for the Leadwerks game engine has arrived on Steam. #Developers can now use the tool suite to #build and play games within the Linux environment. 322 more words

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Left 4 Dead 3 release date rumors and Source 2.0 Engine rebuild

The third title to the zombie apocalypse #firstpersonshooter game, Left 4 Dead 3, has no official release date yet and it is difficult to speculate when the game will actually be coming out due to the lack of #officialinformation, but that has not stopped excitement building among fans of the hit game. 289 more words

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Virtual Queenscliff (Virtual Reality Environments)

An innovative new product in the blurred area of virtual geography and games is currently in the works. This project is entitled Virtual Queenscliff, and is being developed by the school of mathematical and spatial science at RMIT University. 496 more words

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Step Three: The Scene System

Welcome to step three of my tutorial on building a game engine. In this step, we’re going to make the scene system.

Basically, you can think of scenes like levels. 679 more words


Step Two: Input Processor

Welcome to step two of my basic game engine tutorial: the input processor. To start off with, lets look at the different types of input processors. 883 more words


Step One: The Game Loop

Hi, my name is Kyran Adams, and welcome to my first tutorial series on designing and programming a Game Engine in Java. This first tutorial is on the game loop. 955 more words