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So I programmed a new game...?

Recently I’ve been looking at some Unity (the game engine) tutorials, and ended up making this little game.. I can’t really call it much of a game, though, and you can see why by clicking… 109 more words


Game Engine , creating 3d game

I want to know which is the best 3d game engine with JAVA. I found one named JMonkey but I don`t know is it good engine or no ? 13 more words


Update: 10-15-14


I’ve started development on the engine. So far, I’ve abstracted the input interface and am currently testing it inside a program I wrote. Right now, the application simply displays an arrow which can be moved around the screen via a gamepad’s analog stick. 173 more words


Solarus : The free and open-source Action-RPG engine

Solarus is an open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine licensed under GPL. It is written in C++ and runs quests scripted in Lua.

Game Development

One Engine To Rule Them All…?

It’s time to make one of the greatest choices of the project: selecting the game engine that must be used.

The game engine is the most important part of a video game. 475 more words


Final Unity 2D Game Test

I played around with the programming in Unity to make a character that is able to detect collisions in all directions, using Raycast.

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