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Step Three: The Scene System

Welcome to step three of my tutorial on building a game engine. In this step, we’re going to make the scene system.

Basically, you can think of scenes like levels. 679 more words


Step Two: Input Processor

Welcome to step two of my basic game engine tutorial: the input processor. To start off with, lets look at the different types of input processors. 883 more words


Step One: The Game Loop

Hi, my name is Kyran Adams, and welcome to my first tutorial series on designing and programming a Game Engine in Java. This first tutorial is on the game loop. 955 more words


Learning Unity 3D

Being very interested by 3D development and game engines, I started to learn how to use Unity 3D by reading tutorials. Here you can see  some examples of scenes that I created to understand how lights work and how to apply a texture to an object to make it more realistic. 8 more words

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Work Placement at Clemessy - Development of a 3D graphical interface

During my internship at Clemessy, I developed a software to display in 3D and test different stacking scenarios. There are plenty of tools and functionalities to verify the stack, for example the collision test. 25 more words

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SAN3DE - Entry 4

The project is going a bit slow lately because of different reasons (I need art, I recently changed job, I have other projects, etc…), I probably won’t update it so often until I solve the issue with the art direction, up until now I’ve been doing the whole art, but there is no way I can handle the full art of the game and the programming of it. 143 more words