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What units can be built?
How much will each unit cost?
Where can units be built?
Is there an upgrade track or can a unit be built independent of any others? 19 more words

Game Engine


What are the resources? How are they earned? How can they be used?

Game Engine

Actions available

What are the actions a player may take during a turn?

Play a card (will this cover all tile placement?)
Gain income
Any others?

Game Engine

Gameplay Basics

Starting order determined
Initial tile placement
Initial planet/base placement
Initial unit placement (if applicable)
Each player alternates taking a single action (will order ever change? Can you take more than one action?)
End of game, score tallied

Game Engine

Adding Biomes and Rivers

This week I have been working on adding more natural features- rivers and biomes (or at least the start of it). As part of making the world more varied and less same-y, I decided it’s a good time to add bodies of water! 490 more words


[Cross Platform] [Game Engine] [Starling] [IDE] [FlashDevelop] Setting Up Starling in FlashDevelop and build first "Helloworld"

1. Download FlashDevelop
Simply head over to their site, flashdevelop.org, click download, and follow all the instructions.

2. Download Starling
It can be found at… 63 more words

FlashDevelop IDE

New Game Published . . . The Fish Escape Check It out

Checkout the New Fish Adventure of my newly Created Games more Excitement and More Fun . . .

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