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Hot Opinions: Games as Art

Do people still debate video games’ status as art? I know there was some argument a few years ago, but because, speaking plainly, the state of things disgusts me, I’m relatively out of touch now. 1,849 more words

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Zoe Quinn

I was going to talk about Rune Factory today, but then I woke up and this Zoe Quinn controversy was blowing all over the gamesphere on the Internet, so I think my gaming would have to wait until tomorrow. 809 more words


On "Too Many Games"

Talkback is a feature I use for cross-blog dialoging (where one blogger writes an article and response articles are published by other bloggers). Join the conversation with your own talkback article if you’re a blogger or hit up the comments section of the participating blogs. 399 more words


Interview: Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a videogame freelance journalist based in Melbourne and she’s got quite a nice resume already: she wrote for IGN, PCPowerPlay, GameSpy, Hyper Magazine, PC Gamer & Games.on.net. 1,096 more words


-Voice of JST- Part 36: Gaming Icons For A New Generation-

In this new podcast, a good friend of mine joins me through Xbox Live to talk about gaming’s history and how a lot of modern games are just as important as the ‘classics’. 32 more words


Twitch to mute copyrighted music in video-on-demand (C|Net)

Video-game streaming service says it will cut the volume on 30-minute blocks of video when unauthorized audio content is detected.

Video-game-streaming service Twitch, which is the subject of rumors about a Google takeover, announced a new copyright protection policy that…

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Gamasutra Salary Survey Shows Progress

Last month Gamasutra (a website devoted to the game industry) released the results of their annual game industry salary survey. The results spoke a lot to the character and direction of the constantly expanding gaming industry. 332 more words