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This is the New Sh*t... (Endamon Player PC Planning: Donald)

Winding down after my Autumn of the Bloodclans game was cancelled due to player vacations, a few friends and I were discussing the upcoming start of the “Official” Crimson game. 635 more words

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Book of Days... (10 Books that Influenced Me)

While not specifically tied to the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the sources of our creative inspiration are VERY relevant to our creative universes. Sharing these sources helps people understand that stories you are likely to create and isn’t a terrible idea to chat with people at your table during those oh so rare digressions and down times. 1,342 more words

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The I in Improvise – Part 4 – Run in Your Comfy Pants

Here we are at the final part in ‘The I in Improvise’.  You can check out parts 1, 2, and 3 here, here, and… 714 more words

Testify... (Stress Testing Crimson Intro Session - Spontaneous Gaming)

So, I’m currently on vacation in Iowa and enjoying some serious small town charm. I was surprised to find out that my hosts (two lovely ladies of a fine-aged grace) were quite serious when they had mentioned that they wanted to understand what this whole “gaming thing” was about.   519 more words

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The Chosen... (Endamon Player PC Planning Example: Aaryn)

I recently was talking to my friend Aaryn as we prepared to generate his Endamon character. He was pretty excited about the new game.  He’d already read over the campaign background and really liked the idea of the fetchling culture, so we started with that… 624 more words

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Light and Shadow... (Endamon Player PC Planning Example: Ness)

I just got back from one of my first pre-game chats with a player in an upcoming game. I am going to run in the… 702 more words

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Sparks After the Sunset... (Endamon - Intro Session Planning)

Complexities of life as they are right now, we realize that we will likely have very little time between finalizing the Endamon play-group and running the first game.   1,277 more words

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