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My D&D 5th Edition "House Rules" V1.0

I haven’t played D&D 5th Edition yet, but I have the Basic PDF and have read blogs and forum extensively to see what others think of it. 454 more words


Legend of the Bard: Introducing the "Bard Battle System" Prototype

Here’s a video introducing the prototype “Bard Battle System” which will be the main battle system for our current RPG in development, The Legend of the Bard.

Project: Bard

"Legend of the Bard" pre-Alpha video now with Developer Commentary

Threw some commentary on our current demo vid because that tends to be more nifty than reading blocks of text these days.

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Open World Adjustments in Firefall

It seems I was a little wrong in my Firefall post the other day. I was excited to get back in and some of it just isn’t apparent if your higher level and running around with a group. 1,099 more words


"Terminator" Stat Block from 1980s

While going through my old gaming notebooks, I also found this:

I wonder if that is a “Top Secret” stat block?

I know I have the original version of TSR’s Top Secret boxed set stored away someplace, and I know I had picked it up by maybe 1984-1985 thereabouts. 100 more words


Discussions on Damage

One nice thing about roleplaying is that it is social, it’s a discussion — between GM and players, between the characters, between players in different groups across the interwebz. 502 more words

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