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Purpose Within Permadeath

I have no idea why Permadeath holds such a fascination with me but it is always something that keeps me playing and engaged with a game. 623 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 2)

By this point in the story, we’ve been introduced to two of our primary players (the third will be showing up at the end of this next act), and we’ve gotten our feet a little wet with the combat system. 776 more words


Simplicity vs. Complexity

After taking a few weeks out to take stock of things following the new year, I am ready to begin anew. One thing I have wanted to look at for a long time is rules that require an initial steep buy in to understand them. 1,205 more words

Final Fantasy IX

Dangerous Games - the sequel to Monochrome

This is an overview of Dangerous Games, which is my sequel to Monochrome. It is not as detailed as a proper design doc would be, because it’s not supposed to be. 2,825 more words


Release A Game Early Or Not? That Is The Question!

Early last year I ran into the conundrum of releasing my game, Alley Avenger, early for the public to play. Should I wait for a polished product or should I go ahead, release something “kinda cool” and build from there. 474 more words

Darkwood Preview

Another Preview vid and written report that varies a lot haha. I just find it easier when talking about these games, and giving a report to mostly just make it up as I go. 597 more words


Analyzing Games

Hey, guys! I wanted to suggest a few starting points or hints for analyzing video games from the Persuasive Games or Games for Change sites, especially for those who have little experience with playing digital games. 210 more words