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Nuzlocke For Sure And Other Stuff

Now that I’ve been back in town for a few days and settled back in, the Nuzlocke Challenge shall continue!

Monday’s entry is in the works and will be up on time, so be sure to check in for the Crew’s dramatic battle with Burgh! 104 more words


Traveller - Abstract Ranged Combat - Flanking

For if you want simplicity++

Setup: piece of paper divided into range bands by lines

Ranges: point blank / melee 0 (same band) , short range 1 band, medium range 2-3 bands, long range 4-6 bands, very long range 7-10 bands… 498 more words


Scale in Combat

Sparked by video from tetsubo57

Greater realism in games often leads to greater complexity which can slow the game down. This might be okay in some games but not others. 315 more words

RPG (generic)

What is Grasp about?

In Grasp, you are in control of a circus strongman. Actually you mainly control his hands using the thumbsticks of your gamepad. Using the character’s hands is our most essential game mechanic. 118 more words

Crew Strategy Guide

One of the biggest challenges to playing Specimen is handling the crew. While both sides have the same overall goal – destroying the other – I think that succeeding as the crew can be more difficult. 1,934 more words

Board Game

The Ban List - What Makes a Card Unfair?

In WS, the best cards let us break the rules.

To illustrate this point, let’s outline some rules we abide by when we play the game. 2,509 more words

9th CX

Further Thoughts on Science Fantasy Magic

Following up on my earlier post on an alternate magic system.

I’ll try to post some thoughts on each of the 7 points from the previous post. 255 more words