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Cardfight!! Vanguard: We Are Legion

This is a Cardfight!! Vanguard-related post and it in no ways introduces you to anything but a game mechanic that is brand new to the English Cardfight!! 1,413 more words


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Are Video Games About Their Mechanics? – This video discusses the role of mechanics in video games and how they interact with narrative. Mechanics are essentially rules which allow players to take certain actions in a game. 248 more words

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Final Fantasy XV Tech Demo (awww yissss)

A lovely demo looking at the mechanics implemented in FFXV, including particle effects, terrain design, lighting solutions, weather systems, characters, animation/AI  and environment mechanics.

#Living requirments… So far, this game looks stunning. 113 more words


Horror Halloween Bash: What Makes a Good Horror Game?

For this year’s Halloween event I have decided to not write about a certain game although I believe this past year I have discovered a new favorite survival horror game that has taken the top spot from Zombies Ate My Neighbors. 1,309 more words


Gaming Sickness in the Living Room

If you have ever had the opportunity to sit and watch someone else play console or PC games you have had, at one point in time had to have walked away from the screen due to motion sickness (or as medical professionals term it, simulation sickness). 812 more words


Them's the rules.

So I’m finally happy. Mainly. The game can never be perfect, and I’ll always have improvements to make–a lesson I knew all along, but never knew how hard it would be to accept. 163 more words

Archeage and Pay to Win

I have an admission to make about Archeage. One that pains me to say but after a lot of thought is something I can’t ignore. Archeage is Pay to Win. 880 more words