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(Like a) Boss Monster

For our anniversary, my better half gave me a copy of Boss Monster, along with the expansion, Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind. Any time she can beat me to the purchase, I’m reminded as to how well she knows me. 570 more words


Meet Roscoe Tosscobble

I finished reading the new Player’s Handbook last night, and I’m getting ready to write my review, but first I made another character. I’ve mentioned him before; 27 more words


Is a Better Home Awaiting

Spoilers for BioShock Infinite are discussed below.  The previous part of this series can be found here.

One feature of BioShock Infinite that got a lot of attention leading up to its release was the nature of the character Elizabeth.  883 more words


Archeage and Class Combinations

With the looming Head start of Archeage I’ve been consumed with trying to figure out what type of build I’m actually going to level up and use for the game. 942 more words


I’m doing a parallel character generation post with my buddy over at Ryndaria.com, make sure you watch for his posts. You can read my new post over at… 9 more words


Ok, so the plan was to get up kind of early, read a bunch of my shiney new 5e Player’s Handbook and do a review while also building a character like I said I was going to a little while ago. 577 more words

Game Mechanics

New Quick Start Guide

Specimen can be a pretty involved game, and we understand that a 43-page rule book can be pretty intimidating. Fortunately, our good friend Lonnie has put together a handy Quick Start Guide that will get you playing Specimen in just a few minutes. 13 more words