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game mechanics and tone

the above is a video from extra credit that touches on some things kim and i have been talking about a lot lately. the idea that game systems are best suited to certain stories, and they also effect the tone of the game. 72 more words

Listmas 2014: 5 Dumbass Decisions in Mmo's

While the year has seen some huge release within the mmo industry
Games many were looking forward to and expecting to see greater success but unfortunately disappointed for a jumper of reasons. 2,266 more words


Do you like to hurt people?

(Warning: semi spoilers for hotline Miami)

I’ve been replaying Hotline Miami and I’m just loving it. I thought I’d talk about why I like the game and just generally recommend it to anyone interested in video games and the ins and outs of what makes a game fun. 213 more words

Final Fantasy Week: Magic Systems

Magic Systems
Final Fantasy as a series has introduced many a gamer to several different Magic systems. In the first through five games of the series the games presented a traditional style rpg magic system. 979 more words


Game Design Strategy and Progress Report

This post is going to discuss the two topics in the title: my take on Game Design Strategy and my current project Progress Report.

A while back I posted my own Game Design Strategy for a currently veiled (as opposed to unveiled) game project (I did mention multi-player and Android, I think. 702 more words

Game Development

Zombie Bird Progress Report

Greetings one and all! As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been working on a clone of Flappy Bird, the silly smartphone game from yesteryear. 365 more words

Game Development

Walled-In: An Exercise in App Development

A while ago, I decided I was interested in the basics of app development, and so set out to build a small app for mobile devices. 731 more words