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Shields & Bullets and Minimalist Game Design

Game Preview

Hello world! So this week game preview is about shields and particle effects!

If it’s shaking a little at the end, it’s because I was dragging the gifcam window. 753 more words

Game News

The IMBA Jungle

Hello, Dota enthusiasts!

In light of recently posting about Chen, and with Enchantress being not far away, I figured I needed to shed some light on the neutral creeps’ new abilities. 599 more words

Dota 2

IMBA features: Player buffs

Unlimited POWER!

Beyond the Team Buffs presented previously, another optional feature I’d like to add is individual buffs. Those are chosen at the start of the match, and one player’s choice does not interfere with the others’ in any way. 679 more words

Dota 2

On "Netdecking"

The internet… how I love and loathe thee at times. Without the internet, the world as we know it wouldn’t exist. I certainly wouldn’t have this site with which I can reach out and share my thoughts, and for that matter I wouldn’t have my day job in IT either to be able to support my gaming habits. 1,743 more words


IMBA features: Team buffs

Hello, lovers of imbalance! I’d like to talk a bit about team buffs, who were first mentioned here.

These are simply buffs which are applied to your whole team (Radiant or Dire) for the whole game. 314 more words

Dota 2

IMBA Runes!

Hello, Dota fanatics! I’d like to talk about runes today.

In IMBA mode, games will be shorter; this is due to the nature of everything being so explosively powerful: higher skill damage, faster heroes, abilities which incrase experience and gold damage… As such, one of the things I believe could be used to spice things up even more is making runes a stronger, more important game factor (not that they already aren’t!). 365 more words

Dota 2

D20 vs D100 Game Mechanics

Still pondering this one and decided to spell it out for myself so I would know I was understanding how both systems work.


D20… 917 more words

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