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Finalizing, Please Wait...

v1 “Blast” card front.

Really rocketing toward finalizing the cards. Here’s an itty bitty gallery of a few.

Time to get some playtesting done. As soon as I’m thoroughly happy with every nuance of the cards, I’ll send out for a first printed version. 13 more words

Random Orc & Goblin Tribe Names Table

Realized I had never made up a table for generating tribal names for orcs or goblins. I always gave them bland names like “The Orcs of the Western Hills” or something. 15 more words


Terror! Report: The Hat Man | Back to Basics

In this episode of Terror! Report, we roam an insane asylum looking for notebook pages like every other horror game released in the past two years.

Error! Video Content

In Depth: Radar

I played the Destiny beta for 20 hours (on Xbox 360 for full disclosure) and in all that time never fully understood how the radar works. 732 more words

Game Mechanics

Spellcasting Times in 5th Edition D&D

In my “house rules” post I took a stab at adding a spellcasting time requirement (as Rule #4).

The reason I added this was because, as written, there IS NO POSSIBILITY of interrupting a spell being cast. 567 more words


My D&D 5th Edition "House Rules" V1.0

I haven’t played D&D 5th Edition yet, but I have the Basic PDF and have read blogs and forum extensively to see what others think of it. 454 more words


Legend of the Bard: Introducing the "Bard Battle System" Prototype

Here’s a video introducing the prototype “Bard Battle System” which will be the main battle system for our current RPG in development, The Legend of the Bard.

Project: Bard