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BNTO Game design study

When Mr sPol told us the game genre was Rail Shooter the only game of that genre that came to my mind was a very old version of Operation Wolf. 603 more words

Game News

Do ‘Gamified’ Health Apps Work? Who Knows -- Science of Us

“As it stands, the current industry use of gamification, game elements, and behavioral theory are subpar, illustrating a proliferation of apps available for download following no set industry standard that is currently available.” In other words, a fun, gamified app is not automatically a gamified app that will actually keep the calories off. 11 more words

Check out Phantasm Adventures IV

Welcome to the world of Phantasm Adventures IV! This is the first of many books that will help you play this fantasy role-playing game. Use this book to generate a character for the game. 50 more words

Phantasm Adventures

Death and Failure

Sometimes I think that the OSR has become too fixated on death.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of player character death. Or more specifically, I’m a fan of the… 618 more words


Gravity with out the Physics Degree

Aristotle was one of the first to write about gravity.  Although, there is a great scene in 2001: A Space Odyssey where a bone becomes a space ship, so maybe the pre-humans wondered, “why does that stuff fall?”.   1,253 more words


Collaborative gamification mechanics

Active collaboration in games today have certain common game mechanics that are used to promote such user interactions. This brings us to the gamification mechanics that will allow and motivate the users to collaborate. 332 more words

Master Thesis

Little Things request: the ability to pin item stacks to your cargo hold

I have a harmless quirk, shared by many other Eve players: I like to keep various items in my cargo hold. Some people keep exotic dancers and spirits; I keep anti-shipping mines. 226 more words

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