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And My 2013 Game of the Year Winner Is…

As the year has gone on, the tide has turned again and again as new games were released. Now that the dust has settled there are three clear contenders for the coveted title of 2013’s Game of the Year. 3,034 more words

Walking Dead Coming To PS4?

If GameStop’s website is to be believed, it looks like The Walking Dead may be coming to PS4 this June.

Like the 360/PS3 GOTY edition, expect the PS4 version to come with the full game, plus the “400 days” add-on. 31 more words


Game of The Year Watch: April 2014

Last year was amazing for gaming, just look at some of the titles we had. We had a new Tomb Raider, a new Bioshock and of course The Last of Us. 387 more words


Smashsoul's Top Games of 2013

Call me cynical, but I want to say 2013 was a rather average year when it comes to games. 2008, 2010 and 2012 – in my opinion – were solid years in the amount of quality games that were released. 2,155 more words


The Last of Us PS4 Announcement Trailer

Check out the announcement trailer for The Last of Us: Remastered.


The Last of Us: Remastered Announced

Yep, that’s right. The game that won “over 200 GOTY awards” is getting a remaster on PS4.

An advertising banner was spotted over at Sony America’s online store by… 85 more words


We want your Games of the Year of Luigi picks!

The Game of the Year of Luigi episode of NFC is going to be a bit late. Sorry!

With members of the podcast doing grown-up and cool stuff like going on vacation with their family or recording in a studio with their band, we haven’t been able to get the “Guyforce” together to talk about our favorite Games of the Year of Luigi. 205 more words