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Which Game Of Thrones Character Needs DollarRazors.com The Most?

Here at DollarRazors.com, we are not fans of beards. In fact, we hope that someday DollarRazors.com will make beards extinct. We are, however, fans of Game of Thrones, even though most of the characters look like they have not seen a razor in years. 312 more words


I felt inspired...

…to come back to WordPress. Why? I’ve no clue, but I’m pretty sure my roommate plays a part in it. After all, she has created a blog about my daily life. 101 more words

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Let's discuss amazing television.

Happy autumn everyone!

The weather has turned dreary, the fuzzy socks have come out, and everyone is back in school. I personally find it quite depressing, but there are always positive aspects to counter the negative ones. 1,114 more words

This Is How I Fangirl

Runaway Production Panel: Tax Credits Aren't Going Away

More than 40 states offer film and TV tax incentives, along with many countries.

So what would happen if all those tax credits went away? 657 more words


The most iconic lines in ‘Game of Thrones’

For its past four seasons, “Game of Thrones” provided us not only with a plethora of remarkable characters and haunting scenes, but also with some of the most unforgettable lines delivered on television. 316 more words

Kingallo (Kingordo?)

We went to Kingallo the medieval themed restaurant. There are an unlimited supply of peanuts with which you must throw the shells on the floor. 24 more words

Gift for House Greyjoy

What’s in the booooxxxxxx??!

Oh yea.. ouch.

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- Colleen