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Week 3: Games Production - Cubee Man

So far I haven’t posted any 3D work, as a lot of it has been simply following tutorials and I didn’t want to claim ownership for something I had followed a guide to creating. 230 more words

Game Production

Week 3: Presenting Wraith 2.0

This week started with a huge knock to the head and that knock was caused by CubeeMan. We were given the project on Monday and it was due in the very next day, I believe it was due to timetable errors, or something of the like, or maybe we were just being tested to see if we could work to quick deadlines and still produce good work. 314 more words

Game Production

Game Production - Week Two

So this week was the basics of texturing, but it got pretty confusing at some points.

There’s so many tools, buttons and icons to remember in 3DS Max so it can sometimes be difficult to get your head aroun… 118 more words

Game Production

Cubee - First real project

Cubee is a very angular character, which we were asked to create digitally using Photoshop. We get the template from the teacher and were supposed to design it using our imagination. 104 more words


Comparison between 3Ds Max and Maya - first Game Production Class

3Ds Max is one of an industry standard software used to create a 3D graphic. It is free for student to download and use at home. 128 more words


Second Week: Continuous Lines

It’s the second week into my course and the hype still hasn’t faded. Sadly the weather this week hasn’t been the best and so in Visual Design we didn’t get to venture out to do some work, but we did some really fun exercises of drawing the people around us in blind continuous line drawings. 268 more words

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Game Production - Week 1

Getting to grips with navigating 3ds Max has definitely been a challenge for me this week. Last year I learnt how to use Maya and so despite having knowledge of 3D modelling I found myself thrown into a programme where all the controls were in different places and called different names. 242 more words

Week 1