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Wrapping up

Week 9- The VillageBuilding Project-The Finale. 

So before moving onto the unwrapping stage I did all my usual final checks on the model. Is it N-gon free? 1,142 more words

Game Production

Wheels Within Wheels

Week 8- The VillageBuilding Project

Ok so this project was given to us in Week 7. It was both my first project working to a style guide, and in a group. 625 more words

Game Production

A rocky ride

Week 6-The stylised rock project continued

So this week I managed to model my rock in much less time than I expected I would. It was wonderful being able to get stuck in with modelling and not be wasting time trying to figure out what I should do and how I should do it. 684 more words

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It rocks

Week 5- The stylised rock project

Most of this week falls under Visual Design, since this project requires us to concept our own rock, make orthographic’s and a physical model for it, and then build and texture it in 3D. 66 more words

Game Production

Week 10 - TREES!

Finally getting a new project this week, about trees! I’m actually excited, I feel the house project went on too long and that I mismanaged it in many ways so it’s nice to start fresh. 487 more words


Just Kitten on with it-It's Crate

Week 4-The Sci Fi Crate (and Ghibli) 

(No I won’t apologise for these beautiful puns, you’re welcome)

So this week we were given our first assessed project, which was to build and texture a Sci Fi crate using the concept and orthographic’s provided. 683 more words

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Hopping to Improve

Week 3- The Cubee and the Sword

In our taught time this week we built our Cubee character using card, to help us visualise unwrapping. Whilst it did help a bit, I already understand the principle of unwrapping (flattening our 3D model into 2D so that we can provide mapping coordinates for our textures)  It’s more applying it to more complex geometry i.e. 223 more words

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