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Chugga Chugga

Cho0-Choo. The production train keeps rolling and the HUD and almost all of the menu is in. The new level has also received a lot of art into it plus new music and other exciting features. 177 more words

Game Production

Leaps and Bounds

“Leaps and bounds” might be a bit of a understatement. Since returning from GDC the team has been absolutely killing it in terms of progress on the game. 272 more words

Game Production

GDC Setback

Half of the team went to Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco for the past week or so, and two leads were part of that group.   219 more words

Game Production

These Far Hills Demo Video

Introduction to my 6 month research project, an educational game teaching thermodynamics. The demo introduced some of the preliminary concepts of the rankine cycle, one of several concepts we will teach in the full game should we receive the funding. 78 more words

Game Design

The Bakery: Economy game in WW2 Poland

The Bakery is an economy strategy game built in Unity2D in a month.  The roles I played were producer, designer, and writer- the game mechanics were largely my idea and the story was created and implemented by me.   473 more words

Game Design

Production Update_001

I’ve started modelling our female character. This is a version from yesterday (*insert a Jared Leto pic*),nothing too exciting, she’s looking a tiny little bit better now,i think,but i’m literally to tired to open ZBrush and take another screenshot.I’m trying to make her look quite strong,but at the same time really agile and feminine-like.Sort of.And nope,no huge boobies,the best part is that her chest piece isn’t going to show any of that at all,and it is actually going to protect her.You know that chest plates that look like boobs are bad,right? 188 more words

Back Into It

Now that everyone is back from Spring Break, it’s time to get our noses back down onto the grindstone. Tom and Chris put together a build for Wednesday night’s QA but since Vermont was hit with quite the snowstorm Wednesday into Thursday, QA was canceled. 173 more words

Game Production