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My First Game In Unity!

So this is a game that I made recently, basically it is a tilting board game, where the player is the ball and you use W,A,S & D on your keyboard to tilt the board and the ball rolls down the board, the player has 90 seconds to get to the other side of the board safely, the black areas are danger zones and when the player rolls over them they deal 5 damage each time, the player starts with 100 health =) 132 more words


A Little Bit Of Disney!

Just a little something to get us started, this is a piece of work that i did during the first semester of my foundation year at uni =) 31 more words


Lets Get Acquainted!

So I figure a little introduction is in order!

My name is Sarah I am a 24 year old computer games design student from Stafford Uni, I am in my second year studying Computer Gameplay Design & Production, I absolutely love it and changing from straight Games Design was probably the best choice I have made in a long time. 105 more words


Week 7: Village Project - Idea Generation & Development

After the completion of the Rock Project we were given our new project. In groups we have to design buildings for a medieval village. We were given a style guide with the brief which explained what the buildings should look like, along with an already made building and concepts to help us visualize what our buildings should look like. 378 more words

Visual Design

Week ?: Visual Design - Guild Hall

So a few weeks ago we visited the Guild Hall, we took many pictures and did a few sketches on the scene.

I finished the sketches quite a while ago, but have not had enough time to finish my final piece up until now. 304 more words

Visual Design