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Stage one for Arena Battle!

Here we are once again at the starting point of a new project. There isn’t much to do yet, as with Duck Hunt With Kunai, but it’s still somewhat enjoyable. 88 more words

Game Programming

K-ON! Clubroom - Parts 11, 12 & 13

Another late update (sorry!). At least it’s not more than a week since the last one.

First thing to look at in this build is the new sky. 276 more words


Why game programming?

If you have read the few sentences I wrote about ‘Why programming’, you probably guessed that at one point I was quite the hardcore gamer. That doesn’t go away very easily, let me tell you – gaming has stayed in my blood for too long to just ignore it. 61 more words


The start of Arena!

So yesterday I didn’t get time to really work on Arena, but that’s okay. There’s screenshots of what’s to come!

That was taken from the Unity viewport, basically the visual editing part of the engine. 55 more words

Game Programming

Back in gear

Alright, so inactivity kicked in again, but I’ll try my best to change that. Giving updates on what I’m up to felt nice in bulk, but piece by piece isn’t a bad idea either. 369 more words

Game Programming

K-ON! Clubroom - Parts 8, 9 & 10

Time for another update. Three builds this time, to make up for the late update.

The first new addition is the bench and its beautiful soft shadow. 316 more words


This is what happens when people let me code

After hours of banging my head against the table, I finally managed to get animated sprites to work CORRECTLY in my 2D (or 2Bee as the video might suggest) framework. 169 more words