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K-ON! Clubroom - Parts 5 & 6

The next two builds were a lot of fun to develop.

Plenty of extra decorations were added to the blackboard. There’s some flowers, some animals, an… 288 more words


Programming : Game Development

As we all know, when it come to programming that most popular programming is Game  programming, But not all us  get it do we? cause we always tend to think those stuff plays against us. 139 more words

Basics About Game Programming

My 1st lesson – Programming a Game

I am no coder!

So missing the first lesson I already felt behind. But I quickly found out that I was not so lost as I thought. 219 more words

Game Programming

K-ON! Clubroom - Parts 3 & 4

A double update today. In the next two builds, I started adding furnishings to the clubroom, and a bit of personality (also I fixed mouse support). 317 more words


Re-writing my framework

It came to my attention recently that my 2D framework was rather bad, which is quite a nice way of saying it’s utterly horrible. It was, in fact, so bad that I decided to scrap it and start all over again, especially now that I have a greater knowledge of programming than I did when I initially started the framework, but let’s not get into my previous idiocies. 251 more words


A galaxy var, var away

My current project has me writing C# scripts in Unity. Cool. I haven’t written C# for more than a decade. Today I was reviewing code, and noticed this line: 139 more words

Game Programming

It's Duck Hunt With Kunai again!

I’m back in business and heavily motivated to make more and more games! Along with that comes a new update to Duck Hunt With Kunai, playable this time, though still basic. 93 more words

Game Programming