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Game Programming

In the summer I took a class in the Art Institute on game design/programming. Game programming was one of the toughest things for me to do but very fun nonetheless. 239 more words

'Where am I now?' & 1000 views

Hello readers!

I haven’t posted for a while, so this will be a ‘Where am I now?’ (the aftermath of graduating, etc) themed update. Before I get into this update, this blog/portfolio has reached 1000 views! 850 more words

Game Programming

Powering Up!

Yooooo. :)

Well, this weekend, while everyone else was building pointless crap in sandcastle simulation game MMMYYYYNECRAAWFT I was busy building functionality for Powerups into ULSG V14. 498 more words

Fodder! Particlez! Scoreage!

Hi me, it’s me again, how’ve you been? Oh really? Me too! Funny that, heh.

More of a personal diary than a public blog right now. 375 more words

Standard Library Containers vs Roll-Your-Own

Note: To avoid confusion, the term “STL” for the purpose of this article will refer to the C++ standard library.

It used to be that when building a game engine, you would first start with building a library for strings, linked-lists, etc. 1,392 more words

Game Programming

JavaScript Animation

In my game programming class we have been working with JavaScript to create animations and games on the web.  Coming from Scratch, it allows for a lot more control.   493 more words

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