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GUTEN TAG OLD BEAN CHUM FRIZZLE! Dayum, one and a half months since an update. Sowwy! Turns out that work plus living alone equals massive destruction of free time. 262 more words

Falling collectible bonus on Unity, part 1: The asset

I thought writing this down already a month ago when I was playing around with Unity and I wanted to create an animated collectible bonus which is instantiated at the certain coordinates at the screen and it starts then to fall “down” (usually Y axis). 710 more words


Programming, Language Design, and Indy Game Dev? part 2

Last post I talked about how the book “Clean Code, A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” makes the case that the art of programming is the art of Language Design. 415 more words

11 Unconventional Tips for Improving your Programming Skills

There are plenty of good resources out there that teach the technical skills that are necessary for becoming a good programmer, but I’ve seen only… 4,157 more words


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Programming, Language Design, and Indy Game Dev?

So, I’ve been working through the book “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship.” It’s been a massive help and I would recommend it to those who wish to code their own game. 390 more words


I’ve been playing around with XNA some more, and I found out that it’s very easy to get xBox controllers working with an XNA game. After a few hours of tinkering, I managed to get this up and running, so this is probably the start of a new project…


Its about to start!!!

its been a while since i have posted on any of my blogs, as i was busy creating awesome games for some awesome studios(or companies).  And now after spending almost 4 years learning about games, the industry and working with some really awesome people i think i should start sharing some of my experiences and the difficulties that faced during my game programming endeavor. 42 more words

DirectX 11 Programming