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How does Unity work under the hood?

On the previous post we learnt how Unity exports to so many platforms. Now let’s talk about a subject that can sound unnecessary at first, but (at least to me) helped a lot on the process of understanding how Unity works. 1,003 more words


Chi-Coder:  Reflections on 2014

As I mentioned in my first Chi-Coder post, 2014 represented a big sea-change in my life.  I went from having a steady job, one I’d been at for almost ten years, to starting my own company in a new field.  1,069 more words

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The Game of Spheres

In the previous post I touched the surface of a theme around which I have been wandering in circles for the last days. It is the relation between Game and Music Spheres and I think that now is the right time for us to dive in this for a while. 922 more words

The Game


This is Pacman Orc or Porc for short. It is my group final project for CS 425 – Game Programming I

It uses all the concepts taught throughout the semester, including: 23 more words


Project : Create a Game


This week we have had some lectures about project management and how to put images and text on to the screen. And we have done this because we are to begin our project this week! 226 more words

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Week 4: Arkanoid


So.. Week 4 of Game Programming. This week we started another game. We started to create Arkanoid!

Here we basically learned how to create readable software projects with a good code structure. 410 more words

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The Game Programming Begins!


So, even though this post is not published the week after the last post which it should, I will still write about what we did in week 3. 354 more words

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