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Foxie Run v2!

It’s just been a day, but I got our little Foxie up to v2!

I didn’t implement the scoreboard system, at least not yet, so if you’re looking forward to it, like or comment and I’ll definitely add it next time. 87 more words

Game Programming

Early Update.

So I had some free time to continue working on Foxie Run. I haven’t uploaded it yet, but there’s some nice updates.

1 – When you get hit by rocks, you don’t die anymore. 83 more words

Game Programming

Introducing Foxie Run!

Yesterday I promised a little game for you guys, and here it is!

Everything is very simple at the moment, but the setting is simple. Foxie is running from something bad, so we have to help him escape! 112 more words

Game Programming

Unit test your private methods for great justice

The continuing dissent and confusion about unit testing of private class methods surprises me.

The access specifier is much like your choice of software license: it exists to limit consumers’ actions, not to limit yours. 696 more words

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Game in a day

First off, I haven’t posted in like a month, and I’m sorry about that. I started making better music and went on vacation.

I’m going to making a game in a day next saturday, I think. Be ready!



GUTEN TAG OLD BEAN CHUM FRIZZLE! Dayum, one and a half months since an update. Sowwy! Turns out that work plus living alone equals massive destruction of free time. 262 more words