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4PM, Where's your emotionally devastated, alcoholic daughter?

Roger Ebert was a movie critic who died sternly maintaining the position that video games were not art and never could be considered art.  To be perfectly honest, with all his years of experience with the artistic medium of film, it is easy to see why, nearing 70, he was unable to conceive of games as art.   1,196 more words

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My Favorite Sports Game Is From 1978

I’ve never been one for sports, at least not mainstream ones. After playing every sport under the sun as a kid I migrated towards individual sports like swimming in high school and fencing in college. 770 more words

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Y'all ready for this?! - The Casuals

So we have finally launched our YouTube channel. It took us a while and a lot of hard work but we think it was worth the wait. 124 more words

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Video game review: Velvet Sundown

Velvet Sundown is madness. Every aspect of it is completely bonkers, and it is subsequently irritatingly compelling. It’s a multiplayer, online role playing game (but not that kind of RPG…whatever you’re expecting, it’s not this) set on a boat, with text to speech mechanics, spy-based intrigue, drug shenanigans, random child adoption, and tazers. 703 more words


PSTS Episode 108 - Beta Review Round-Up, EA Access Announcement, and Six Degrees of Shyamalan


Now that the betas for both Destiny and the Crew have ended, Jeff and J.D. have quite a bit to go over in terms of features they love and dreams for the future. 20 more words

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Traps & Gemstones review

Traps & Gemstones bucks traditional iOS naming conventions by being a Metroidvania, rather than a match-3 Puzzles & Dragons clone. That’s noteworthy as it is, but the game itself is pretty solid, too. 413 more words


Indie Game: Tales of the Adventure Company

Seeing a remarkable resurgence on the App Store lately, developers seem to have flocked to the rogue-like to try and create the next cool simplified adventure. 725 more words

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