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Saturday Morning RPG

Über das Spiel

Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic JRPG set in world heavily inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons and pop culture. Players take the role of Martin “Marty” Michael Hall, an average high-school student who has just been granted an incredible power – a power that ultimately leads him to attract the ire of the world’s most notorious villain, Commander Hood!Saturday Morning RPG features a full soundtrack by legendary composer Vince DiCola (Transformers: The Animated Movie, Rocky IV) and his composing partner, Kenny Meriedeth (contributor for DuckTales, Power Rangers, X-Men, and others). 300 more words

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One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch is a fast-paced fighting game with stickmen entirely controlled through the two mouse buttons, two keyboard keys or two controller buttons. The player controls a stickman in the middle of the screen and needs to defeat large waves of enemies appearing left and right. 442 more words

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Race the Sun

“Death. Inevitable, yet unexpected.”

Welcome to the beautiful minimalistic world of Race the Sun, where you fly your little polygonic ship through a land full of polygons and where death lies around every corner. 581 more words

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Poor Mans Reviews: Rainbow Six Vegas

Release Date: June 26, 2007 (PS3)
Systems: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal
Rating: M
Metacrtic Score: 86

“Rainbow Six: Vegas” is a game that is so close to being good that it’s almost depressing to learn that it’s really not. 1,422 more words


RPG Rabbit Is Just A Little Too Obsessed With Playing Tomodachi Life

I beat Bravely Default last week. I meant to write a full review, I really did.

But then I bought Tomodachi Life. And that’s pretty much all I have been doing since then. 807 more words

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Incoming! Goblins Attack TD

Tower Defence has always seem to work on iOS thanks to precise touch screen controls and the rather passive play style that comes with planting your weaponry, starting the round and watching whatever arbitrary enemy you are trying to destroy have your strategically placed chaos rain down upon them. 508 more words