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The Pitfalls of "The Guys Who Got Me Here"

PROGRAMMING NOTE: The publication of this post in advance of the Week 24 preview serves as confirmation that there was and will be no FRC-411 this week. 2,342 more words

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2013 USC Passing Heat Map

Now that we have broken down the running game with last week’s post, this post is going to take a look at the passing game.   3,244 more words

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Emporium Arcade Bar, Ms. Pac-Man minipattern update, and a new Turbo pattern!

As I type this, I have a day left in my well-earned San Francisco vacation, retiring for the evening after a day of inspiration and epiphany at the magnificent Ocean Beach along the beautiful Pacific. 1,044 more words

Ms. Pac-Man Turbo

Ms. Pac-Man Turbo: finally sharing some strategy!

I’m honored that my blog has made the No Quarter Podcast show notes! That kind of lit a fire under my tush…it’s been months since I’ve written a new post, and I’ve been promising some strategies for, well…forever, so now’s as good a time as any. 1,324 more words

Underground Retrocade

Fantasy Football, Scoring and You: A Guide to How Different Positions Can Earn You Points

In the game of fantasy football, not all positions are created equal. It’s sort of like chess. Each position, like each chess piece, has its defined role to play. 3,280 more words

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