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Fantasy Football, Scoring and You: A Guide to How Different Positions Can Earn You Points

In the game of fantasy football, not all positions are created equal. It’s sort of like chess. Each position, like each chess piece, has its defined role to play. 3,280 more words

Fantasy Football

Blown Saves and Bad Outings: The "Death and Taxes" of Fantasy Baseball Pitching

Those of us who watch sports are well-versed in the inevitability of injuries every year. Football, in particular, is rife with minor to major ailments on a week to week basis with grown men running at full speed crashing into one another, such that teams must disclose injuries on a weekly basis in terms of a player’s likelihood for appearing in the next game. 2,231 more words

Fantasy Baseball

Know Your Enemy: Choosing Batters Based on Opposing Pitchers

In football, with so many bodies on the field, it can be difficult to predict an individual’s performance. A wide receiver may come up against a shutdown corner and be largely neutralized by the defender’s presence. 2,303 more words

Fantasy Baseball

How To Create A Premiership Club: (6) Find Your Gaps

Well known fact: every clubs has gaps. (not as well known: this is a short post. How lucky are you?)

Even if you have a great team, there’s ALWAYS something that can be improved upon.  390 more words