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Mathematical Man

The Turing test always rested on the presumption that we have some obvious and clear example of the pre-computerized subject against which to compare the ambiguous example.

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"Competition in Persuasion," M. Gentzkow & E. Kamenica (2012)

How’s this for fortuitous timing: I’d literally just gone through this paper by Gentzkow and Kamenica yesterday, and this morning it was announced that Gentzkow is the winner of the… 928 more words

Game Theory

Scott Miller (April 4, 1960 – April 15, 2013)

Scott Miller died a year ago. The cause of death was never publicly revealed, but he had a long history of depression, and it was widely assumed he committed suicide. 206 more words


Seven Reasons You Should Never Play Monopoly

I started work on a post about why Monopoly is a goddamn warcrime of game design, but Matt Forbeck beat me to the punch yesterday. Here’s the thing though: Matt Forbeck is a really nice guy who never has a bad word to say about anything. 1,990 more words

Game Theory

The Cold, Hard Truth

Well, I was looking through links on Gaming Hell when I found this.

Cunzy11 said…

Hey sports fans. Long time no see. The reason why I’ve been absent from these pages leaving Richie to hold the fort since January is because I got burnt out by video games.

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An empirical evaluation of the Hotelling model

A widely held belief of political theorists is the so called “median voter theorem”. This is where the policies carried out by the government are dictated by the Median,or middle, voter. 665 more words


Poker and Models

As a physics major, I love simple models, even (especially) for complex problems. Simple models are common in theoretical physics. In fact, physicists actively look… 831 more words