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What do we know about Khans of Tarkir (post SDCC)

So, San Diego Comic Con has been and gone, updating many of us on the next six months of Magic. For now, let’s have a look at what is exciting me the most – not that it was the only thing worth noting – the next fall set, … 950 more words

Magic: The Gathering

Cubes War

Cubes War is a 2D game which uses Unity’s new 2D system for gameplay and for GUI. Also it has integrated social and billing plugins from Prime31. 19 more words


Game Review: 'Crash Bandicoot' (1996)

Quickie Review:

A must play!

Extended Review:

I remember my Dad buying a Play Station 1 when I was a kid and it was the coolest thing ever! 363 more words




Gnar’s a prehistoric yordle best suited to the Rift’s top lane. A transform champion with clear strengths and weaknesses in both Mini and Mega forms, Gnar fights best when he anticipates his fits of rage, and come late game, brawls most effectively as a tank or fighter.


League Of Legends

Smash and Win

Smash and Win is a 2.5D game. As a game it doesn’t have any special things to show, but as a technical project it features a system for cutting objects, 2D lights, and 2D water. 22 more words