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Life is neither a cause or an effect, thereĀ“s no karma!

Karma promotes the idea, that a physical or psychological appearance is an effect caused by a previousĀ appearance. When you hammer a nail for instance, the result is a physical effect caused the hammering. 1,051 more words


A New Begining 1.4

Kronak was standing right outside the Seaside Inn trying to stay out of sight. Being a half-orc within a highly religious, heretic hating society, came with its consequences. 1,239 more words

Serial Fiction

Survivor :: Academic Review Game

I needed another game today, and luckily my creative juices were flowing because I couldn’t find anything online (I absolutely scour the internet to beg, borrow, and steal ideas!). 109 more words

Standard 3: Planning And Preparing

3DS, From Now to Future

From the time when 3DS has been released until now, we have seen 3DS with its large game library. You can find much games you might like, from Nintendo’s franchise to the third party games, such as the most anticipated Monster Hunter. 289 more words


The First Page of COW!

The rest of the comic may not start being posted until later, but I just thought i’d give a little update. So here it is, … 40 more words