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Miss Opportunity

I can’t stress the importance of having a wingman who knows his stuff. Some guys will tell you they pick up much better on their own, but that’s because their friends probably hinder their progress. 508 more words


10 Reasons The EAGLES Are BETTER Than The Cowboys

10. Our team is #1 in the division.

9. Our team is either outright good or it outright sucks. They don’t tease you EVERY YEAR. 104 more words


John Mayer

Good to know it’s just a game. Disappointment has a name

Game of Throne Season 5 Teaser & Viral Site

It’s been a long six months since Game of Thrones bowed out its fourth season with the highest ratings of any season finale so far. Production on HBO’s hugely popular fantasy drama series has been ongoing since this summer, but until now there’s been little to no marketing for the upcoming season from HBO. 420 more words


Một số truyện Tiên Hiệp đáng đọc nhất (Đã hoàn thành)

Đây là một số các truyện Tiên Hiệp theo mình là rất đáng để đọc kèm theo là nhận xét.

1. Bàn Long

Ưu điểm: Chắc hẳn ai đã là fan của tiên hiệp đều biết tác phẩm này. 3,172 more words

Bitter Truths

She is a lovely woman.  You will not speak ill of her.

Hodor! Game of Thrones comes to China as Tencent ties up with HBO

The battle for online viewers in China heated up again today with Tencent’s announcement of a tie-up with HBO. The deal will see a number of shows from the American subscription channel, such as Game of Thrones and The Newsroom, streamed in China. 56 more words