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SaGa Frontier Review: The Final Frontier

By RockLobster

Around the same time that an epic role-playing game was released on Sony’s first Playstation video gaming console, Final Fantasy VII, another game of the same genre was released. 869 more words

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Thoughts - Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

This year’s Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire for the 3DS are reboots of 2003′s Ruby and Sapphire for the Game Boy Advance. Compared to the original releases, these games are bolstered by new mechanics added into the franchise over the past decade, yet also dragged down by some disappointing decisions. 1,591 more words



Hey guys!

I realize I have been neglecting my blog. :/ But that isn’t my fault! School has been hectic this semester, and I barely have time to even breathe. 155 more words

Far Cry 4 impressions

Far Cry 3 was without doubt an outstanding and ground breaking first person shooter.  Far Cry 4 looks to take what number 3 did so well and keep on trying to make things better. 559 more words


Gundam Blitzkrieg

This post includes the basic rules for the new 1/144 gundam tabletop game from the Escape gaming club.  The pilot abilities and mecha abilities documents are also included.   11 more words


Attacking Is Better Than Defending Some Times. Why? Watch This Chess Game.

A game changed the way of thinking.

The below game shows that how I first been as a defender but, after sometime the game taught me that defending is only to protect ourself like a scary cat and attacking also most of the time distracts the opponent so no need of defending at the same time I am destroying there palace. 27 more words