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University, Laptop, and Animations. Weekly update of 31/08/14.

Slow progress week for a few reasons:

  • New laptop likes to shut down out of the blue for no traceable reason. This makes me lose progress often and made me create more backups than ever before.
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Here's what I did this summer.

As I’m writing this the last day of the summer is approaching its end. It’s been an awesome study break. It lasted for two months and a lot of things were done in this period. 783 more words


Berlin Mini Jam

Here is the little (unfinished) game I made for the Berlin Mini Game Jam today !

I didn’t attended the event this time, but worked on the themes anyway to train myself. 88 more words


Milkyway Tycoon Post Mortem

You can play and rate my game here

Back in LD#26 , I made a crappy puzzle game that was neither finished nor fun. In LD#27, I finally made a finished game called… 596 more words


Styx : reworking the sprites

I’m currently preparing the post-Ludum Dare version of Styx, the game I made in 48 hours during the jam. Here is the progress :


Indie Sketches--Show Announcement

In my last post, I shared my VERY simple game with you guys, but sadly something got wrong, and up till now the game is for some reason unplayable, but don’t worry, nothing will make me give up on my dream and of course the dream of you, yes you! 241 more words

Bouch --First Fast-Forward Indie Project--

After 4 days of hiking, climbing, swimming, marching and of course accidentally hitting people in the face when aiming for flies, I’m all up and ready to get back to doing what I love, and that is gaming. 324 more words