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Adventurers Ruin Everything

But in this case, it’s just (“Just.” Hah!) the economy. It’s all that gold brought back from moldy dungeons and crumbling keeps. Bungs up the works, you see. 11 more words

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Helping my players Metagame in 5th edition D&D

That’s right, I want to help my players metagame.

You see, 5e made a paradigm shift in encounter design from 4e. 

4e was very much like an MMO.   431 more words


Creating an NPC with Tarot Cards

(This is an old post which I am porting over here from my Yoteden blog.)

When I ran through this the first time, I used Rory’s… 1,353 more words

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Creating an NPC with Story Cubes

(Ported over from my original blog post on my Yoteden blog.)

Over on Solo Nexus, JF put together something fun which was to create an NPC for roleplaying with  random rolls of… 1,368 more words

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