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Gaming News: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

A few months ago Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare was announced and a campaign trailer was released at E3 which showed off its stunning new graphics, exo-skeletons, laser rifles, and other futuristic gadgets as well as the academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey, playing a major roll in the game. 844 more words

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Gaming Update: Destiny Beta

The Destiny beta has just ended a few weeks ago and I can say confidently that the game is looking absolutely fantastic!! The beta was released on July 17th for Playstation 4 owners and on July 23rd for Xbox one owners and was up and running for about a week. 881 more words

New And Upcoming Games

Gamer Opinion: Outlast (Xbox One)

At this particular moment in time Outlast has already been released on next generation consoles as well as PCs for quite some time. I have heard tons of rumors about how terrifying the game is and have seen clips of the game but nothing really gives you the full experience except playing the actual game for yourself. 576 more words

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