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Gameplay: The Silent Age - Part 2

I leave you here my new gameplay.
It’s a cool game called The Silent Age, a puzzle game, you should watch the video :)
Hope you like it! 16 more words


When Was The Last Time You Payed For A Full Game?: DLC & Video Game Content

Some ideas sound fantastic on paper, the ideal situation has everyone a winner. Others are flawed from the beginning and don’t have any strengths for anyone but the creator. 1,410 more words



Welcome to my Blog,

I spend my life living day by day with anxiety, IBS and depression. This blog shall be my release and give me something to do whilst trying not to worry about the troubles that any of my feelings cause. 109 more words


New TWD Gameplay (Season 1, Episode 1, Part 3)

Hi guys!
Here’s the third part of Episode 1 (The Walking Dead, Season 1). Hope you like it :)
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Shroud of the Avatar Goes Steam Early Access

There has been qutie a bit of resistance, for some reason, in the Shroud of the Avatar forum for taking SotA into Steam. Small minds. If anything is going to grab the cash from gamers at this point, it would be Steam so it is a great decision. Good luck SotA.
Shroud Of The Avatar

Dishonoured (Xbox 360) DISAPPOINTING REVIEW

Dishonoured (2012) was created Arkane Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks, this game was very disappointing in gameplay and storyline! I would give it a 3 out of 10 and only a 3 because of the graphics, I’m not one for playing games for just the graphics but in this case it’s the only thing that keeps me playing it. 116 more words


The Walking Dead - The Game - Episode 2 Starved for Help Review

The second of my five episode review, Starved for Help picks up three months after the zombie apocalypse erupted.  You are still playing as Lee trying to protect Clementine, and now dealing with a group of survivors and trying to make the best of a dump motel you’ve tried turning into a secured fort.   489 more words