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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS - Taking Names Has Gone Portable

The Smash Bros. experience has always been a matter of making sure you had enough controllers for all of your friends, that no one got in the way of the TV while the fight was on, and perhaps having to pass the controllers around to give everyone a shot at playing if there were more than four people wanting to play at a time. 1,616 more words


Gear Jack Black Hole

Gear Jack Black Hole is an addictive endless runner game. I have been playing it for some time now; and i must say – i am developing Jedi reflexes when is comes to avoiding obstacles like ninja blades; lava puddles and rock falls: 227 more words

Video Games

The Game Maker Engine, a Force to be Reckoned With.

When someone says they use the game maker engine, if you are a game developer, you probably either think they are a fool, amateur, or 7th grader. 280 more words

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Video Game Comittment Issues??

*stands up* “Hi, my name is Remedey…and I have video game commitment issues!”

I first started gaming on the pc. Nothing serious like WoW…not that I could afford it back then. 706 more words

Xbox 360


On the last stream we had alot of fun! We beat Fear 2, then swithed to Skyrim and we came up with our own shout! (Gah eek ohh!) ^^ The awesome… 74 more words

[Poem][Comfy Couch]

Comfy Couch

Idle sitting on that comfy couch

Feet up high on the coffee table

Bags of chips and bottles of pop

Piling high on either side… 52 more words