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Coup is Pretty Coo

Coup -

A battle of wits and wealth! You and your opponents are trying to swindle and corrupt each other in order to gain the most influence over an Italian city-state. 582 more words


Easter Eggs in Video Games

Easter is this Sunday so here is a video of easter eggs in video games made by Xbox Ahoy.

The video shows games ranging from Adventure on Atari in 1979 to GTA V. 8 more words


30DC Gamer List - Day 5

The game character I wish I was most like…

This one was tough.  I don’t actively think about being someone else.  I do wish sometimes I had other skills, possessions or superpowers but being someone else doesn’t cross my mind much (if at all). 93 more words


What the players want - who can say? | MMO Gypsy

Only on MMO Gypsy, “What the players want – who can say?”

I’m sorry Syl, but whether you like it or not, this post is the single greatest thing you’ve ever produced in my eyes. 1,137 more words


Gaming Heritage

 By: Adam

There is a certain part about being a video game collector that embeds nostalgia within each game itself. I’m sure most of us have fond memories of sitting in front of the television, playing a special game we may have got from Mom and Dad for Christmas or a birthday. 428 more words


Easter Holidays - A Time to Relax

As we have entered the holidays, most of you will probably work or relax and spend some time with friends and family. While you guys do that, I will figure out what software I will use for my little project. 471 more words


6 Problems Gamers Have In "Other" Games

We’ve all heard our share of First World Problems, ranging from “my internet isn’t fast enough” to “this iPhone isn’t tall enough” or “there’s no wifi here!” Most are ridiculous complaints about things that we simply take for granted every day. 1,148 more words