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My first ever Loot Crate!

So, I’ve mentioned Loot Crate before. I finally signed up to receive my very first Loot Crate this month during their “Heroes” theme. I can’t tell you how stoked I am to have finally gotten the first box! 413 more words

Elements - Update #1

Hello again,

This is it. A big step in history is about to happen. This is update #1 for my upcoming game “Elements”, the name may get changed to something more original. 361 more words


Streaming time! :D

Apperantly there is even a super cute and cuddely kitten watching my stream! (I’m so happy!) xD
If you want to watch too follow this link to my twitch! ^^

Youtuber Week - SeaNanners


Sooo you probably already know who SeaNanners is but I really wanted to┬árave about his channel. He makes Gaming videos with his fellow youtube gamers and they are so hilarious… I’m a sucker for gaming videos but very few actually make me laugh so much. 173 more words

If you are a fan of Civilization and Borderlands, get your arse on steam and throw your wallet at your monitor because Borderlands 2 is $4.99… 39 more words


Cagelo: Nic Cage Edition of Halo

Cagelo is a Halo texture pack mod for Halo where Nicholas Cage’s face is on everything. Cortana Cage is pretty amazing but his face is on everything! 15 more words


Pierce Brosnan (James Bond) Plays GoldenEye 007 on N64

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy got Pierce Brosnan to play GoldenEye 077 with him on Nintendo 64. One of Jimmy’s childhood dreams. Pierece Brosnan admits to not being good at it and we can see why as he karate chops and walks into corners. 7 more words