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I finally get to play Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Dear reader I finally get to play Dragon Age: Inquisition.

I am so happy I am a big fan of the world and mythology of the game(s). 80 more words


The Mythology of Female Gamers

I’ve written about being a gamer and nerd from a female perspective before, but ever since #GamerGate, I’ve been a little afraid to approach the subject. 908 more words


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Using video games to improve lazy eye, depth perception

Scientists have created video games that add an important element of fun to the repetitive training needed to improve vision in people – including adults – with a  718 more words

Eye Health/Blindness

Awesome Clan War Attacks

For all you fellow Clash of Clanners out there, my clan, Hell Fire, recently started a YouTube channel called “The Fire Folder”. We have videos of awesome clan war attacks. 31 more words

Gamergate part deux

The other thing is, let’s be honest, this is a fun game. It’s like “Achievement unlocked: EA toppled” “Achievement unlocked: Gawker bankrupted” “Achievement unlocked: Ubisoft taken down”. 19 more words

TLOU: Left Behind - Part 2

Hi guys!
New video on my channel.
Let’s continue with The Last of Us: Left Behind.
Let’s go with the second part!

Hope u like it! 17 more words


Can you Assassin?

Hey guys I am back its been a while,

Today I am here to bring you a review for a game that I have anticipated for a while, Assassin’s Creed Unity. 274 more words