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Jon Tron: Clock Tower

Octubre mes de Halloween, de disfraces y de una fiesta anglosajona denominada día de brujas, pero ¿qué nos ofrece el género de terror en los videojuegos? 46 more words

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A05: Op-Ed--gamer

Get Some Sleep!

The best thing that any student can do to do well in school is to go to bed at a decent time and get a full night’s sleep, not stay up all night cramming for a test or doing a project last minute that is due the next morning.  334 more words


A Look at Being a Female Gamer

With the current GamerGate phenomenon, I feel like it’s important to share my own story as a female gamer, perhaps to raise awareness of how even lesser known gamer girls are constantly harassed and picked on simply because of the parts we were given at conception. 602 more words


more stronger + jessica hyde + some peppers

And you do a such a job of it

So get this, there is a charity that not only gets kids gaming (see Dr. Andrew Przybylski’s… 136 more words


Do you have a Twitter?

Dear reader do you have a Twitter? If so can I ask you to please Tweet about my Extra Life Fundraising Page?

Please don’t laugh at dear reader however I don’t have one and to be completely honest here I don’t want one, I am not good at sayings things with 140 characters or less. 70 more words


Do you have a PS4? Do you want to game it with me?

Dear reader I am looking for people with a PS4 who would want to game it with me or chat with me on the 25th for the… 78 more words

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The Kim Kardashian Game (Android app)

Yep my blog today is going to be about the Kim Kardashian game.

Yes I am going there…

The story starts like this: my little sister Samantha decided to download the game and play and she became very obsessed with the game.. 384 more words