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Today's Art (25th July 2014)

It’s strange how it’s really fun when some types of game are ridiculously difficult, but how it’s extremely frustrating when other types of games are equally as difficult. 59 more words


Guardians of the Galaxy GIVEAWAY!

It’s almost here! And im already nagging my brother to buy me a plush Rocket Raccoon. If you plan on seeing the film (opening next week) you can stand a chance of winning a rare Guardians of the Galaxy emblem pin! 91 more words


Holy Crap I am not as bad as I thought: )

Dear reader I just got done playing the “Destiny” beta and holy crap I actually killed people(Not sure if Sims or actual other people).

Anyone who knows me for any amount of time(or if you’ve read this blog at all) knows I have CP(Cerebral Palsy) and it makes shooting in video games suck. 80 more words


Bioshock Teased By 2K Studios

2K could be preparing to make an announcement linked to the original BioShock, judging by a tease posted on Twitter.
Posted by 2K’s UK account this morning, the tease features an image of a poster for BioShock’s Eve’s Garden, along with the caption: “Oooo, what COULD this mean?!” 51 more words


Destiny Beta Now Open To All

The Destiny beta is now open for everyone and will end on Sunday night, Bungie has stated. It is available for download on Xbox 360, XBOX ONE, PS3 and PS4.

Have fun!


Naxx update -- first heroic boss down!

So I beat the basic wing.

And then I beat the class challenges.

And then I tried sticking my nose in the heroic wing. Heroic Anub’Rekhan ate my hunter for lunch, so I swapped to priest and MURDERED THE HELL OUT OF HIM. 23 more words