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Why Non-Gamers Can't Understand Gamers

I was reading a comment section under an article about the ESA study on demographics of gamers and something caught my attention. One person simply stated the obvious saying even though only 19% of gamers are boys under 17, society as a whole still tends to believe video games are silly toys that aren’t for adults. 522 more words

Hump Day: Wolf Among Us Bug

It’s hump day so here is a gif of a bug from the Wolf Among Us.

source: CB

- Colleen

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Make Your Own Claptrap

Our Nerd Home is a great site for DIY geeky decor for your house. This time they have brought us a tutorial on how to make your own Claptrap trash can! 110 more words

Video Games

Game of Thrones is back. Tanooki has been waiting and waiting for more dragon scenes.


Trials Fusion Will Not Have Multiplayer Until Months After Release

RedLynx have announced that Trials Fusion will not have the 4 player head to head mode that featured in Trials Evolution.

RedLynx said they removed the game as players of Trails Evolution weren’t that big on it all. 156 more words

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30DC Gamer List - Day 6

“Welcome to the Velvet Room”

The most annoying character, for me, would be Igor from the Persona series.  It was really hard for me to find a character that annoyed me, but he creeped me out then progressed to mild annoyance.   10 more words