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Gamer // Film (2009)

This film is not the greatest watch but it does have some interesting ideas. The premise of the movie is that  a new technology has been developed that allows for motor function of a person by third-party form of cybernetics. 127 more words

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Sims 4 Update!

One of my most popular Blogs has apparently been the Blog about my Sims 4, which is quiet entertaining to me. I love playing it and my characters has been “developing”. 83 more words

Funny Fact Friday

Surviving A World of Swords: Review

Sword Art Online

What is it about these books and the anime that has gotten me so enticed into amazement and wonder, every time I hear the theme songs first few notes I smile. 425 more words


Things people who live in small towns do.

So i’ve been studying A LOT lately and only because there really isn’t anything better to do and I have thought up a few things I like to do (when i have money) in the tiny town I live in. 341 more words


Outlast: Scary as Hell! (mild spoilers ahead)

I finally completed Outlast tonight. I started the game back in November with my friend, Kim, and we made a few YouTube videos from our gameplay for fun (she’s not much of a gamer so couldn’t grasp the controls. 461 more words


New season is here!... and I am rusty as fuck :(

So the new season in LoL is live and all the summoners are ready to get their groove on in the Rift! That also means that a lot of players (myself included) are coming back from breaks and the like in order to play their placement matches. 269 more words


The College Gamer Podcast Episode 57: The Sweet Sounds of Gaming

Ever wonder what the average college gamer wants to talk about? Well give this a listen! New audio episodes every Thursday! 107 more words