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First Post of the blog!

Hey Gamers,

I am proud to finally switch my domain, which gives me more options and now I can add other up and coming gaming journalists to the team. 155 more words


Game N Go: Amazing Spider-Man 2  

Like Captain America: The Winter Soldier before it, The Amazing Spider-Man has a sequel in theaters this summer. That also means that there’s a new… 370 more words


Friends; or the lack thereof

In truth I guess I really don’t have any real friends. I do have one friend who I always call my best and closest friend, but the feeling I guess may be one sided. 346 more words


Vidyu Gayms

Video games are fun, they’re entertainment. We use the medium of a computer game to teach, to inform as well as being entertaining. I mean, with the non-educational games we’re learning something because that’s what we do. 758 more words

Would You Like To Play A Game?........What Do You Mean No?!

As a child, my parents would often recite fictional tales to whisk me off to ethereal world of dreams and make-believe (they didn’t really but go with it). 646 more words


A Complete Reference Guide to a Gamer's Life

Well, if you have stumbled upon this article by mistake then wait, there’s a reason why you are here, most probably you are an “average” or “casual” gamer, or may be you are not. 391 more words