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Getting Twitchy

eSports is a tough nut to crack, at least in terms of being a spectator sport. Its often complex enough to scare away a casual viewer, and that’s after they have hunted down a working stream and decided to turn the tenth rerun of that one… 726 more words


Can a game be too difficult?

Games can be challenging and fun at the same time with the right system. But is it possible to have too much challenge, to the point it takes away from the fun completely? 501 more words

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Now Playing: Grand Theft Auto V on PS3

I stood on line at midnight back in September to get this game.  I spent $59.99 and then I put it on my shelf and now it’s 7 months later, the game sells for $38 at Gamestop and I am just now about to make it my current PS3 game as I’ve finished Bioshock Infinite and need to move forward. 284 more words

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Completed: Bioshock Infinite

I am so glad that I chose to play this game.  Bioshock Infinite was designed really well in that it felt exactly the way a Bioshock game should feel.   292 more words

Video Games

Prediction: Oculus Rift And VR Could Be Huge And Not Just For Gamers

Over two decades ago, I was in a theme park near London and in a small room tucked out of the way and with a far smaller queue…Read more


Adults Only GTA Online Live Stream Tonight!

Hi Gamers, I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter Weekend! If you need a break from family and/or how shall I say… dogma, join me tonight for my first… 28 more words

Grand Theft Auto

The Last Federation Launches on PC, 25% off this week

The Last Federation, the latest strategy title from indie developer Arcen Games, launches today on Steam, GOG, Humble Store, GamersGate, Green Man Gaming, and ArcenGames.com, and will be discounted by 25% for the first week following its release, bringing the price down to $ 14.99 (from $ …