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New Blog (Launch) - I Need Your Help!

Don’t worry, this blog isn’t disappearing. Far from it. I’m currently in the final throws of college stress with four essays to soldier through and two terrible exams to slay. 542 more words


How To Play Ezreal In League Of Legends

Learn to play ezreal in 3 quick steps.This post ll provide you with the basic info needed in order not fail hard from the first time, remember that you always need time to master a hero no matter what, except if your skill is highter from enemies by far:p


Cinders goes Egyptian for Happy Hunting this week!

This week Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale goes exploring along the Nile River. She shows off gifts from The Great Pyramid Hunt and the… 26 more words

Second Life

'Reviews Aren't Biased, Readers Are!' - In Defence of GameSpot's Editors

For quite a while now GameSpot’s reviewers have been on the receiving end of some pretty negative comments from community members concerning the validity of various game reviews. 1,672 more words


Be Different

I have been a gamer since I was four years old. I remember playing Diddy Kong Country on NES in ’94 – then in ’96 moving on to Mario 64 and Ocarina – to MGS for PS in ’98. 429 more words


Meet my Raptors

So here I am at level 75 of Jurassic Park Builder and unfortunately there appear to be no more levels.   The way I found that out was when I accomplished various goals and never went up to another level the way I was used to. 114 more words

Xbox One Vs Ps4

Microsoft and sony are for certain the 2 best and biggest companies in the gaming hardware. Xbox One and Sony exceeded by far the sales of xbox-360 and ps3 but which of the 2 consoles should you buy and which one is the best right now ?