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"You ate my battleship???" - Pub librarianship and tabletop games

Last night, the team at Parkes Library headed to the Railway Hotel for an evening of drinks, dining, and tabletop games.

This is games night…

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A Quick Guide to Amiga Emulation: Where to Download Games?

Hi and welcome,

In this post you will find information on where you can obtain Amiga games for download. I’m talking about classics like Super Frog, Project X, Monkey Island, It Came from the Desert, Defender of the Crown, Kick Off, Sensible Soccer and many, many more.. 450 more words


STAW: The Scimitar

Timothy has finished up with the D&D Attack Wing.  He has shown all the products he has, we actually go out and buy our toys and this limits our product selection.   62 more words


Η ταυτότητα των video games

του Ευθύμη Κυρίκου

Η κοινωνία των video games από τη γένεσή της στις αρχές της δεκαετίας του 70, έχει αλλάξει. Από την απλότητα των τότετίτλων, που ήταν μια απεικόνιση κινητώνpixelεπί της οθόνης, έχουμε περάσει στους σημερινούς openworldκόσμους του grandtheftautoκαι το πολύπλοκο gameplayτου Deusεx. 134 more words


Creation and its maintenance

Since not all ideas originate from scratch, not every game genre is the first ever and not every game is like ‘i have never played anything like it’ but the person who makes sure you feel close to ‘first time or brilliant experience’ for any game is a… 395 more words

Computer Games

Warmer: Cannibals and Missionaries

This is a warmer to get students focused and working together. Use the game “Cannibals and Missionaries”.

Explain the rules to the students:

There are 3 cannibals and 3 missionaries who want to cross a river. 97 more words