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Nintendo Video Games Turned Into Pulp Fiction Book Covers

Artist Astor Alexander has recreated classic Nintendo video games like Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda and turned them into art that resembles the covers of old pulp fiction books. 44 more words


Invisible Ink Books

This Friday’s edition of “Gifts for the Gifted” may be a blast from the past if you ever went on long trips as a child without the benefits of electronic entertainment systems. 238 more words


The end of the Walking Dead, aka: one of the best gaming moments ever

…and why it’s a perfect example of an experience only possible through gaming. What do you mean “It came out two years ago, have you been liiving in a cave?” 2,042 more words

Best Gaming Moment

Coremaster banned my username

In Garena, Core Master beta has been running and I just trying now.

And hell yeah it banned my usual username for some reason.


Game Design, It's More Complex Than You Think

Recently I was looking into theoretical game design and found one of the most awesome, in-depth articles I’ve ever read. It’s a scientific study on the game design of… 510 more words


More Christmas distractions

Since I wrote my post a week ago about games with a christmas theme, several more have suddenly released new versions with Christmas spirit.

TempleRun 2… 171 more words