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more tangible feel of the new system

It’s nice. Interestingly from a raid-wide perspective it’s more RNG-based than raid loot, which means I should hate it. If you’re doing the content fresh and nobody has any of the loot, then raid loot guarantees you X pieces, whereas with personal loot (supposedly) you could have anywhere from a total bust to… 288 more words


what you've already obtained

You know when you win a fight in final fantasy vii, and then you hear “dun da da da duun dun da da!”  while your characters spin their weapons around and then your xp is added up?  205 more words


"The illegal skelleton-theory"

China is known for sensoring almost everything of gore/horror and similar. Especially skelletons have been transfomed or sensored not to be shown in the most poppular games. 147 more words


Inside the Mummy Maze: Spooky Tips and Helpful Hints

Halloween in JumpStart is fun for a lot of reasons- Ridez, Threadz, Petz and the decorations in different worlds, but one of our favorites has to be the Mummy Maze! 276 more words


The Perils of Social Commentary


A few days ago I suggested I would try to write something more worthwhile than how I suck at FIFA. Hopefully, that last post achieved that. 2,105 more words

Video Games

Destiny And Music Talk ♫

How is everyone today? Nothing new and exciting? Destiny Servers were down when I went to go play, and I was really sad. I was winning in the Control part of Crucible many times, and I kept getting booted. 153 more words


Mobile Games in the Past

Mobile games have come a long way because they first were introduced with a mobile version of Tetris in 1994 and Snake in 1997. Mobile phone may be the ideal communication gadget that helps people to stay connected making use of their near-dear ones from any corner in the world. 494 more words