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Star Wars-40k: Jedi

The important thing in the new Star Wars Codexes is to make sure the balance is right between the principle infantry (Stormtroopers vs. Rebel Troopers) and between infantry vs. 1,680 more words

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Cynic Alert: The Games Industry

For a name that is meant to imply an individuals cynical view of the games industry, I haven’t done a lot of any of that recently. 1,166 more words

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The Big Project - Codex: Galactic Empire

So there I was, pulling out my old Space Hulk box set to (finally) paint up the miniatures, suitably inspired as I was by the release of the latest box set. 1,491 more words

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Sketch Drag and Drop Game

This is my sketch for my first games design.

The first one you need to catch 10 chocolates and 10 milks to make 100 points. Avoid chocolate wrappers as it is will decrease your points by 5, and there is also fish bone where the cow will paralyse for 3 sec. 176 more words

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Going back to College

So I have decided to go back to college in order to finally study Level 3 Games Development that will give me the skills I need to pursue the career I want in Games Design. 214 more words



Click above image
(Visualization of concept, no play ability in current example)

So last week i started my fourth trimester at college, my first class of the new trimester involved us each having to design a mechanic based around an emotion, i came up with Addo, Addo is designed to invoke a sense of motherhood over the player through the use of minimal input and watching how your “people” change and react to you leaving “Markers”  around the world. 137 more words


game cover idea

just in from work and had a little time to spare so I did a quick design idea for the cover and how it could look, like I said its good to throw ideas at each other and see what’s best, it has already been posted on the group chat we have to get feed back from the rest of the team and how it could be changed etc. etc

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