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Star Wars-40k: Heavy Weapons Playtesting

Playtesting continues (in fact, it is continuing next door right now)!

One of my big concerns when putting together the Codexes was that the Rebels were distinctly light in the heavy weapons department, and that they would not really come into their own unless mass Jedi enclaves turned up to fight. 95 more words

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3D - Texture Terms

There are a number of different ‘maps’ that are used when it comes to texturing, however 3 in particular are used most.

Diffuse – This is what is most common when it comes to texturing, essentially the base layer to a model, an example would be skin colour on a human model or the way bricks look on a wall. 254 more words

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Online Presence

Here is going to be a small list/reminder for myself of the places I need to invest in when it comes to my artwork.

WordPress – Done… 77 more words

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TROLL&GOBLINZ - an orcun drinking & gambling game

Sometimes I get odd little mechanics stuck in my head and they sit there a while until eventually coming to fruition. This summer just past, during a bout of frustrating insomnia, I finally locked together a few things and came up with a little dice game. 180 more words


Asset consideration: My intensions regarding my designs

I have decided that I would like to look into assets for our whitefriargate project so I thought the first thing at hand would be to research into a list of assets then looking at the 60’s equivalent. 440 more words