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Working with Clay – 3D Modeling

The next step in creating our character was to take the drawings we had sketched out and sculpt a physical real world model out of clay. 43 more words

University Year 2

Picking a Force

Picking a Force

Each player must select a Faction he will be using for the campaign, each faction has its own rules, units and specialised equipment and upgrades available as well as a very individual play style and aesthetic. 2,436 more words


Game Engines - GameMaker

For the past month I’ve been sitting around writing very little code and thinking a whole heck of a lot about the next game.  It’s been a ‘ 999 more words

Video Games

Dual Purpose Perphaps?

So I’m literally just putting the finishing touches to my v7 homebrew Warpath/Deadzone Skirmish core rules and I am wondering if it would be worth while making a version for Kings Of War as well using the same system and core mechanics just with a slightly different skill and Action focus. 331 more words


Elder Scroll online.

As a fan of the Elder Scrolls series I have followed the development of the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) with both excitement and trepidation. Excited because I would really like it to be an excellent game which brings life back to the MMORPG market. 309 more words

Professional Practice

Summary - March 2014

In an effort to write on here in a more regular fashion I am doing monthly summary’s of what I get up to. These help to inform others of what I am up to but I also hope that they serve as some kind of motivational factor for myself. 838 more words

Games Design

Performance and Games Network: Kickoff Workshop

On the 25th and 26th of March there was a workshop at The University Of Lincoln for the Performance and Games Network. This network is a collaboration between the Universities of Lincoln, Exeter, and Nottingham, Tiga, and Arts Queensland looking at how we can use the performing arts to examine the design of video games. 408 more words

Games Design