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Free Games for Greenlight Votes

Since we put Hashtag Dungeon up on Steam Greenlight we’ve received several emails from large steam groups and other organisations offering a service that didn’t quite sit right with both myself and Kieran. 347 more words

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Would You Kindly Get Me Into the Gaming Industry? Chapter Three - First Section Completed

Our contributor Nathan continues his journey into games design.

So it’s been a while since I wrote an article on my progress, mainly because I’d been struggling to manage my time between work and the course and therefore I am a little bit behind. 314 more words


Hashtag Dungeon Launch Week!

So it’s been a week since we launched Hashtag Dungeon so I thought i’d do a little post about how it’s gone so far and the problems we’ve encountered over the week. 974 more words

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Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I’ve just finished Valiant Hearts: The Great War on the PS3, and it’s the best new game in a while. As a puzzle game it’s very good but not perfect, but it’s the game’s narrative approach to its subject matter that’s made me want to bring this blog out of hiatus to talk about it. 492 more words

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GameCity 9 Launch Event Rundown

Last Thursday was the launch event for this years GameCity festival where the nominees and judges for this years prizes were announced. Myself and Kieran had the opportunity to show off the current build of… 258 more words

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Summary - April + May 2014

In an effort to write on here in a more regular fashion I am doing monthly summary’s of what I get up to. These help to inform others of what I am up to but I also hope that they serve as some kind of motivational factor for myself. 412 more words

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A Matter of Profit

The Corporation or as they prefer to be known the Inter-Galactic Co-Prosperity Sphere, is the Subject of today’s Blog post and without a doubt the most important Faction for terms of Setting, Theme and Back story for this game system. 1,539 more words

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