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Awarding a "C'mon Man!" to the Seattle Seahawks official web site

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I try hard to be tolerant of errors in web content, but occasionally there are mistakes so egregious that I feel compelled to speak up. 245 more words

Games People Play

Complicated Smile

There are exceptions to every rule in the book
Nothing is ever carved in stone
Even when you’re with the one you love
Sometimes you can still feel all alone… 159 more words


WYSIWYG in Ontario Mental Health

I saw my therapist on Friday, and we finalized the application to in and outpatient services at a DID clinic.

I included a personal letter begging for a contact person to communicate with.  575 more words

Face Of Mental Health


Cheating, affairs, melodrama is a big issue on the internet right now. There’s these love triangles everywhere, except with social media they become more like a love hexagon or something. 965 more words

Pinball Wizard

Ever feel as if life is a bit like a pinball game and you’ve been the ball pinging all over the place? I would have preferred to be one of those hand painted women luxuriously draped across the machine, Mata Hari perhaps. 349 more words

Life In Search Of Compensation At the Veteran Administration/The Optics/The Ethics'

As an Veteran of an noble cause, I often wonder what is to become of the benefits’

of serving with a group of monkkeys’ who just plain refuse to compensate for services rendered. 489 more words

More Manic Musings

Being a photographer has made me see the things in others that made me upset or anxious, were pointing to something similar in myself.

I learned to charm children.   504 more words

Face Of Mental Health