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Life In Search Of Compensation At the Veteran Administration/The Optics/The Ethics'

As an Veteran of an noble cause, I often wonder what is to become of the benefits’

of serving with a group of monkkeys’ who just plain refuse to compensate for services rendered. 489 more words

Arrogance is not strength, gamer boys

A bit of research reported in the Daily Mail, suggests, “Women have finally twigged that a humble man is best for a relationship” In the blogging world of “real” alpha men, this research was met with skepticism. 567 more words


Don’t you just want to say GROW UP!!



I don’t speak of victory nearly as much as I should. Victory is defined as  “success or triumph over an enemy in battle or war.” 897 more words

Reflect and Multiply

I wish I had saved a link to all the hundreds of heart felt blog posts from women paying tribute to husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, even doctors, pastors, and plumbers. 408 more words

Vox Day is a lost lamb...

This is a reblog of a post I wrote last year about another so called Christian from the gamer cult. Yet another wounded lamb all puffed up in wolves clothing, leading his little flock as far away from Christ’s love as possible. 849 more words

Calling out Dalrock

Unless one enjoys vicious  idolatrous cults that pervert both Christian values and masculine identity, one should not click on the link to Dalrock’s blog. 445 more words