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Warhammer 40k: World Eaters colour scheme

Hi Everyone,

Slight change of pace this week. I am working on tidying and speeding up the painting of my World Eater army. I am still playing 40k in amongst Chain of Command and Dropzone Commander although it is a heavily modified version our game group has come together to develop (you can find the document… 385 more words


...and I'm outta here because here come the Goliorks!

Necromunda… It is a vile and villainous place for those unable to make it big and escape to the upper Hive levels were the rich and privileged live oblivious to the plight of those who make their comfy existence so comfortable. 717 more words

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WIP GW River Trolls

I just updated my “Upcoming Projects” widget with the next few things I’m working on. It may change again as there are possibly some LotR Eagles upcoming, and I typically work on a couple projects at once anyways. 107 more words


More Dreadfleet: The Curse of Zandri

As well as working on the Swordfysh, I have also managed to finish what is perhaps the most ‘blinging’ of the Dreadfleet vessels, The Curse of Zandri. 216 more words

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Warhammer! The End Times

The End Times, indeed!

I wrote a little blog over on tumblr yesterday, in celebration of both the release of the new Nagash “miniature”, as well as the announcement he’ll have his own little army to keep him going, headed by the three Mortarchs. 202 more words

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Warhammer! part four

Welcome back folks!
What a terrible week it’s been. I’ve been under the weather, so haven’t been able to entertain you with my usual aplomb, but have returned! 517 more words

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Project: Hide From The Dakka! - The Bunker Build

Tails from the Bunker!

A little while ago, I wrote about how my games of Warhammer 40K have been utter dakka-fests due to us having no battlefield scenery or terrain of any kind. 423 more words