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Battle Report. Ultramarines vs Eldar + Dark Eldar. 2k

At the weekend I had my first battle since moving here.  I would be fielding 1k of Dark Eldar allied with another 1k of Craftworld Eldar.  1,853 more words

Warhammer 40k

Mordheim Terrain Tutorial – El Cinco

Finally! A freaking update! OK, so I will not bore you with details as to why I have not posted an update to the tutorial in while. 919 more words


Review: Space Hulk

Welcome to the first review on Roemer’s Workshop! Today I’m breaking the trend of being outdated (GW is really giving me a hard time being up-to-date!) and have come up with a relatively new release to present: the Space Hulk miniature board game. 1,283 more words

Miniature Hobby

500 pt Mini Tournament

I’m attending a 500 pt Mini Tournament this weekend and I’m going to bring the studio Dark Angels. Before anything else, here are the photos of the army I’m going to bring. 192 more words

Film: Jeepers Creepers - "You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it?"

I have a love hate relationship with horror films, when I was younger I would watch almost anything with the exception of video nasties – simply because I don’t see the point of excessive gore. 214 more words

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Starburst Memories: Tired of reality?

You might consider that you wasted your youth. Perhaps you spent it shooting pool in some smoky hall, locked in your bedroom playing the guitar or just partying hard when you should have been studying.

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Starburst Memories

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This is where it all started ...

...and I think I am falling out of 40k.

My posting regularity continues to falter, and I apologise for that.

The reason is that I am going through not a lack of keen, but a huge direction change in my keen, and it’s proving tough to really accept. 674 more words

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