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Orcs/Humans Proto WIP 3

Note to self: don’t take off this long between paint jobs again. Feeling kind of blah painting today: plastic models, fighting paint consistency, trying to learn to paint tabletop quality and not make things too nice. 106 more words


Space marine reinforcements

I was reminded the other day that I haven’t updated the blog in a while. This is because I haven’t really had much hobby material to show. 225 more words

Games Workshop

Dear Games Workshop...

…we know your facebook fan pages.

And we are going to harass all your quasi social media ninjas with reminding comments about your long forgotten and the most loyal customers. 253 more words


Jingle Bells, Space Wolves smell, Scifi wife ran away...

Sometimes Scifi hubby sinks to new levels of geekness that surprise even me. I knew that when he was a teenager he was a huge Warhammer 40,000 fan (those strange ‘Games Workshop’ stores on the high street to those of us who had a life). 480 more words

Cry Wolf! A look at the latest Space Wolves release

With GW’s release schedule growing ever more crazy of late, it has become quite a task to hang on and try to chronicle all the new toys! 2,893 more words


Warhammer! part three

Hello everybody!
Today, I’m going to ramble for a bit about Warhammer once again – it is, after all, the subject du jour for me right now, so why not?! 850 more words

Games Workshop

40k Tuesday: Battle Company Army Overview

So, I really wasn’t feeling my fantasy piece. It was not enjoyable for me and that would probably have come through in my writing either now or eventually. 109 more words