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Escalation League: Pakeshi Sector Maximus

No one remembers how the conflict started at Haven but we all know what happened. The fall of one planet triggered a new war at Maximus.   337 more words


Blessed are the Obsessed, for their courses are clear

Been mostly work getting done here lately :)
The store where I have my little tattoo studio celebrates 10 years this October so I’ve been busy making stuff for the occasion ^^ Things for gift bags and such, and organizing my portfolio to have it out on display. 223 more words


Hill Dwarves are on the way!

I’ve never been the best at taking pictures, but here’s my latest paint job. I’m painting up a Hill Dwarf Warband and a Sea Elf Warband for my new rules set.

End Times Inspired Interlude

Just a brief mid-week update today but with the End Times continuing in grand style for the followers of Chaos in Warhammer I thought now might be a good moment to show my first, and so far only, attempt at painting a Warrior of Chaos. 110 more words

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WIP Ogre Slaughtermaster

I’m in the middle of a pretty cool commission right now. It’s an Ogre Slaughtermaster with a gnoblar converted to hold a spellbook/ogre cookbook.

Here are some WIP shots:


Battle Report. Ultramarines vs Eldar + Dark Eldar. 2k

At the weekend I had my first battle since moving.  I would be fielding 1k of Dark Eldar allied with another 1k of Craftworld Eldar.  My opponent would be the Ultramarines. 1,847 more words

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Mordheim Terrain Tutorial – El Cinco

Finally! A freaking update! OK, so I will not bore you with details as to why I have not posted an update to the tutorial in while. 919 more words