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Black Fridaaayyyy!!

So my local gaming store had 50% off all GW in stock. Yeah, I went a little crazy.


Tallarn Veterans

I have finished the core infantry squads of my Tallarn force. Three squads of Veterans and a Command Squad. I still need to build out three more Tauroxes for their transport, then it’s on to the supporting units. Much more to come!



Destination: British Museum
The plan was to go from A to B, but we kind of did not. When we got there we stayed for hours, we wanted to see everything… 208 more words


Episode 28 - Sentinels of Terra & Clan Raukaan Supplement Review

G’Day Listeners,

In this episode we don’t just review one, but both of the Space Marine Codex Supplements as well as all our usual segments. So here’s a run through of the episode: 409 more words

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Every So Often....

…something comes up that is so stupid you have to wonder about the thought processes that went into it!

As I’ve documented here on this very blog I finally gave GW the boot earlier this year. 575 more words

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Might Makes Right

Work on the Orks continues apace, with attention this time on my old Warboss. Sooner or later a customised Warboss will be rising from the heap of bitz in which he currently resides, kicking heads and taking charge of my Ork collection, so this chap’s tenure in command is likely to be coming to an end. 208 more words

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WIP Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence

I’ve been working on an Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence model lately. He was absolutely a pain to prep, but nothing impossible to fix. I plan to do some weathering and gore on this model. 16 more words