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What a week!

Hey everyone!

What a week, indeed! Work has been fairly insane, on top of which I’ve been trying to get ahead with the degree. I’ve moved on to the Romans, and have actually spent a pretty interesting afternoon reading up on the political organization of the late Republic! 636 more words


On the Painting Table...

Ok, these aren’t actually mine, they’re my girlfriend’s. She’s gone Khorne crazy (and a little Tzeentch). Looks like a promising start to a nice new army to play against.


Novan Dictum Command Centre

Over the Christmas break I took some time to update my spreadsheet inventory of my Imperial Guard miniatures because I bought so many of them last year (and this year, oops!) I was a bit lost with which models I was intending to use with which army. 460 more words

"Make sure you get my good side, Mortal!"

I have been working on painting some Kromlech “Gnaws” lately. They come in packs of three and there are currently two sets of different sculpts available. 231 more words

Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence

Here’s the finished photos of the Avatars of War Lord of Pestilence! He was a lot of fun to paint, and I really loved those Secret Weapon skulls – this was the first model I’ve used them on. 19 more words

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Wildwood Rangers Paint Guide

The paint scheme for my Wildwood Rangers is in many ways identical to my other Wood Elves, so for a more in-depth guide to the main colours see my… 502 more words

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