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Heart Of Darkness 2014 - Game 1 High Elves vs. Dwarfs

Heart Of Darkness was played at Good Games Sydney CBD on the 13th -114th of September, the TO was Bucket and he did an excellent job of running the tournament. 790 more words


Fallingstar Cadre: mercenary Tau

Sometimes it’s funny for me to look back over this blog.  Since I use it mainly to talk to myself and the internet about whatever gaming thoughts and plans occur to me, without censorship, I can sometimes see unconscious patterns emerging.   825 more words

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Whilst Treemen Slumber...

…the Eternal Guard stand watch.

As I varnish these Eternal Guard I realise to myself – I have NEVER 100% completed a unit before.

Such an achievement i’m obviously now destined for great things.   194 more words


Games Workshop announced that they are taking pre-orders for a re-release of Space Hulk 3rd Edition, shipping on 9/20/2014. I’ve put my order in, and from the looks of things, this will sell out pretty quick. 217 more words

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Sunday Already

Hey everybody!
Well, it’s been another week of illness for me, apologies if you were impatiently waiting for the usual pearls of wisdom to appear in your reader or inbox! 659 more words

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Space Hulk Is Back! No Wait, It's Gone Again

This week Games Workshop announced that classic board game Space Hulk would be reprinted and re-released in a limited print run. It would feature beautiful new custom miniatures and lovely new cardboard pieces. 458 more words


Warhammer! The End Times

So I’m a pretty big Warhammer fan, as you might now have gathered from reading previous posts in my blog. Well, for the past couple of weeks, there has been an ‘event’ happening in the Old World that promises to shake the very core of the Warhammer universe. 942 more words

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