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Is it a wolf? Is it a boat?...

…No, it’s the new Space Wolves flyer!

I was very disappointed when flyers were first released that the Space Wolves lost out, I was even more frustrated when they had dog-fighting rules in Death from the Skies and nothing (save for pricey and exotic Forgeworld goodies) to use them with, but now at last, we have something and I’m not sure what to make of it. 368 more words

Completed commission: Ulthwe Farseer

Well, I’m back after my short hiatus.  No amazing news on the job front but I have got my time re-organised to cope with the changes in my life at the moment.   116 more words

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Dungeon Crawls Part 1: In Your Dungeon, Killin' Your Dudes

The dungeon crawl is a common theme in tabletop gaming. Simply put, there is nothing more fun than gathering a group of adventurers and descending into the dark places of the world in search of fun and profit. 922 more words


Bretonnian Holy Order Knights

I actually brought these guys almost completed from a chap in Auckland about seven or eight years ago off Trademe.  I finally got around to finishing them off.  199 more words

Warhammer Fantasy

'Ere we go!

I recently decided to start a new fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. I’ve always had a soft spot for Battlefleet Gothic; the miniatures are great and have really stood the test of time. 316 more words

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Skaven Warplightning Cannon (scratch built)

I recently decided to scratch build a Skaven Warplightning Cannon. I love building stuff myself because it allows me to give a unique look and flavor to my army, something no one else has. 385 more words


Mordor Uruk Hai

Here are my finished Mordor Uruk Hai. These were fun models to paint and I kept to a very limited palette of dark browns and greys to match their appearance in the films as closely as possible. 209 more words

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