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How to Teach Violin to a Toddler

Toddlers are interesting little human beings. They are SUPER creative, curious, and bright. Toddlers mean well, but still seem to leave a road of destruction in the wake of walking through a room. 229 more words


Review: 'Life is Strange'

Life is Strange offers an engaging story and atmosphere mixed with somewhat flawed gameplay that has potential in future installments. 1,057 more words

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Play JungleShoots here!

JungleShoots is an early attempt of mine at building a first-person shooter using the Unity engine.

The game took about a week to put together, using many references and guides that I found on the internet. 147 more words



So many times we are encouraged by advertisements and those around us that our children need to have lots of expensive toys, trips and money. When we think of how we want them to experience time with us, extended family or friends somehow it… 651 more words

Nature Photography

"Space Quest 6" and the Internet as space vs. medium

One of the distinctive things about the Internet is that no one used to call it “the Internet.” Throughout much of the 1990s, the act of accessing an IP network (likely over dial-up) was referred to as “going online,” entering “cyberspace,” or encountering “the Net,” “Web,” or just “AOL.” Then there was my favorite: the Information Super Highway. 1,475 more words

Remember that the heart of any healthy relationship is love and respect!

Do you have  a heart for love and respect to your spouse? If not why not? 

A married couple is on the same team; you are not each other’s enemy!  351 more words


Mass Effect, part 10

This post will contain spoilers.

I did it. I finished Mass Effect. I loved it so much and I am so glad I still have the second one to play. 502 more words

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