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#Listmas2014: Pokemon LeafGreen has taught me a thing or three

The second half of this year has been, for me, all about Pokemon LeafGreen. After plenty of internal debate and more than a little help from my Internet friends, several months back, I decided to play LeafGreen, my first ever Pokemon game. 802 more words

United We Game

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#Listmas2014 is in full swing, as is my desperate attempt to complete Pokemon LeafGreen. While that bit might not be going very well, things are looking grand Listmas-wise! Here's my first entry for the event, which is about...suprise! Pokemon LeafGreen. Sorry, it's been on my mind quite a bit lately, most for reasons involving the difficult time I'm having beating it. (More on that in an upcoming Project 151 post). When you go to check out the post below, (which I just know you're going to do...yes?) be sure to check out the other Listmas posts now up on United We Game. The event runs till 12/31, so there's still lots of time to get in on the all the Listmas action!

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - Triple kill

Performing a double kill is not straightforward, let alone a TRIPLE KILL:) Some guys were cluttering together seemingly having nice little chat. But this was ended abruptly when I appeared on the scene with the brutal assault rifle which is the HBRa3. 42 more words