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Where Can You Buy Action Replay?

If you are not familiar with Action Replay, this is the brand name of a series of devices that have been created by Datel. The primary use of Action Replay is to change the behavior of video games using codes and cheats. 14 more words

Where Can I Buy

Quiz night at pubs!!!

Do you ever have them nights when you’re bored, can’t be bothered watching tv, etc? But you want to go out, but not spend anything or that much? 232 more words


Dbrc 1:5 Quattro s1 fiberglassed!

In addition, a 1:10 hip sprint and 1:6 action figure are in the pics to give you a sense of scale! Body posts and tailpipe extension is all that is needed.


Careening Toward Craftsmanship: My First Assessment at Dev Bootcamp

**For the uninitiated, arrays are ["structures", "like", "this"] and the items in them are counted in order: 0, 1, 2. Hashes are {noun: “structures”, preposition: “like”, pronoun: “this} and you can get their values if you know the right keys: :preposition returns “like”. 1,515 more words


Day 55

Day 55 of the selfie challenge

The kids made up a new game today. I am calling it the tackling hug with a kiss game. It is a vast improvement on the last few weeks of biting, pinching, and hair pulling and it’s nice to see that the time outs with gentle reminders that we don’t hurt our friends and an apology after are working. 76 more words