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Boy, oh boy!

You know you have a boy when….

You find big chunks missing out of food that was on the counter, and there is only one culprit with hands that sneaky…COUNTER SURFING! 87 more words


Dresden Files - Betrayed Chapter 3 (Session 4 - Part 1)

I have not had a chance to do the full write up for the second and third sessions.  As it turns out, it takes a while to write out a session as a narrative; it is much longer, in fact, than it would take to simply write it as a sequence of events.   1,990 more words


time sinks: animal crossing new leaf

first played: 08.08.2013

last played: 09.01.2014

total play time: 842.14 hours

i had always had a passing knowledge that the animal crossing series existed, however it wasn’t until animal crossing: new leaf (ACNL) that i had any real desire to play the game. 1,356 more words


GamerGate and journalist coverage

#GamerGate started as a movement to make aware corruption in gaming journalism. These events have been known but no big insight into these events were seen before until recently. 546 more words


Donors for September 1st, 2014

ESD was havoc today! The promo c store ship was not clearly marked so people went nuts. Should have seen that coming.

If you have questions for me and cannot get a hold of me in game, you can always ask your question via in game mail or you can ask on  … 47 more words


Minion Rush

Who loves minions? I do. They are the cutest, most entertaining, most mischievous, most caring little creatures. If you’re still wondering, you need to watch the movie… 199 more words


Adventures in procrastination

This is my college freshman son. .. sigh..via tumblr