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3 Ways (and 1 Tool) to Engage Your Staff in Your Next Team Meeting

Last week a colleague asked for help organizing her thoughts for an upcoming team meeting. She had prepared a set of PowerPoint slides and was preparing to distribute a hard copy of some job duties that she wanted to review with her team… for the third time. 648 more words


Which principles do underpin game design?

Gamification is more than just creating some mechanisms around rewards and motivation.  In his online lectures on gamification, Kevin Werbach - an Associate Professor of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at Wharton School – explained about some of the design rules which underpin gamification and game design: 692 more words


Case Study: Weight Watchers Online

Six months ago, I badly injured my knee, and in order to prepare for an operation, it was advised that I lose some weight and engage in gentle exercise to strengthen it. 860 more words


A few words about Google's #PokémonChallenge

So yeah. Google wanted to be cool. I still don’t know wether they pretended to deliver a super-fun experience or it was just a silly April’s Fool, but the thing is that I cannot find any reason that convinces me to not consider #PokémonChallenge an absolute and mastodontic FAIL. 1,551 more words


'The Revolution of Fun'

This week I’ve finished my dissertation, called ‘The Revolution of Fun’. It is a study of applied games and fun as highly powerful tools to achieve goals in non-entertainment contexts through motivation and engagement. 186 more words


Safety Guaranteed

When you take on a stretch assignment or practice a new skill at work, do you feel safe? What are the consequences of failure? Does fear ever stop you from trying new things? 835 more words