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It’s getting to that time…

There are people in the current workforce that don’t remember a time without video games. Ten to 12 years ago you would have heard how video games are good for hand-eye coordination, but these days they can help you in so many more ways! 315 more words


Cartwheel for Target: One Bottle Stolichnaya Premium Vodka Saved

My American Dream, like many other Americans, takes place on a budget. I am 28, a recent law graduate, and just starting out. Every penny counts! 586 more words

Not Everything Needs To Be A Game

There’s a theory that gamification makes any application better. Use game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts and bump up all user retention metrics. 234 more words

Product Management

How Opower Bested Google

Yuliya Chernova, WSJ, 4/8/2014

This is a short article in the Corporate Intelligence column.  The article details the IPO pop of Opower, a company founded in 2007 that uses techniques for behavior modification (including gameification) to help utility companies reach out to and manage residential consumer behavior.  271 more words

Four categories of enterprise gamification

When you think of gamification, what are the common things that come to mind? Points, badges, leaderboards. These items are in the cognitive toolkit. But looking at the sheer variety of game mechanics, you can see that’s it’s a much broader field than that: 436 more words


Lunch & Learn: Teachers Spotlight EdTech Successes

April marked the last of this years monthly Lunch & Learns, where teachers were invited to bring their lunch to the library during their lunch bell on a designated Thursday each month.   748 more words

Classroom Activities For 1:1 & BYOT

Trending in Leadership - YOU!

More companies are seeking leadership training today but it’s going in two directions. On one hand, it’s for leaders with a formal leadership title (supervisor, team lead, manager, director, VP, executive, etc.)  On the other hand, it’s being offer more often for independent contributors (ICs) who don’t “lead” anyone specifically, but in fact do lead from their actions. 252 more words