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My hatred for the Hatred video game trailer

Destructive Creations creates something destructive…to my attention span.

“My genocide crusade begins here…” says the lead character of upcoming PC game Hatred, as he gears up with guns, grenades and a knife before opening his front door and unloading clips into his enemies. 843 more words


#GamerGate And Why It Isn’t Scoring You Any Points (with anyone that matters)

Gamer Gate is the kind of thing I would usually talk about, but frankly I find the whole thing bizarre in that it’s taken on this kind of life where some people are so sure that it’s all about integrity in game journalism. 834 more words


Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Reseña

La serie Super Smash Bros siempre ha sido el sueño húmedo de los fans de Nintendo. Personajes famosos del mundo de los video juegos se enfrentan en peleas de cuatro jugadores donde todo se vale. 519 more words


Indie Developer Threatens Gabe Newell, Has Game Removed From Steam

The indie first-person shooter Paranautical Activity was removed from Steam on Monday following a series of tweets from its creator culminating in a threat on Steam head Gabe Newell’s life. 132 more words

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Concerning The Games Industry: Why I didn’t join the GamerGate movement

It’s simple, really. I’ve been worried about standards in journalism for a long time, since before I started practicing it myself.

I believe in the idea of a free press. 921 more words


Kingmakers Board Game Parlour

It is my goal to start regularly blogging again, and I realized a few things that served as roadblocks for me to do so regularly. One, is that I’m focused on having high-quality photos in my blog posts, taken with my DSLR and edited to my particular standards. 541 more words

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Cubic Castles new world!

Hey guys it’s Htm and I think I told you but I play a awesome game called ‘ Cubic Castles ‘ and it’s like Minecraft and Animal Crossing, I do have a thing with mmo’s and multiplayer games! 68 more words