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Premoving day

Moving day started early for us, like it was meant to be tomorrow but we got the key today. The place isn’t exactly as we expected it to be but we are just happy that this day is finally here. 58 more words


The Legend Of Herobrine

Hello Everybody, My name is Gabriel and this is my new blog The Minecrafting Blog.  As you can see, This is my first post.  Since this is my first, I wanted to make it special.   270 more words


Xbox Live Down For The Second Time In As Many Days

It seems that Microsoft cannot catch a break when it comes to the Xbox One.  Earlier today Sony announced over $260 million in profits thanks to the sales of the PlayStation 4.  151 more words


Random Gnoll Pack Names Table

Following on from yesterday’s post with a table for Orc & Goblin Tribe Names, here is a table for generating some Gnoll Pack names.

Gnoll Pack Name Generator (PDF)


AMV Roundup! Kingdom Hearts- Spontaneous Me

Lindsey Stirling and Kingdom Hearts? Sign me up! What makes it all the better is that the editing is wonderful and follows along to the quick violin and dubstep beats perfectly. 49 more words


DOTA 2 : NewBee "TI 4" Champions

Honestly. Newbee is the least of my favorite. Maybe because they’re “Newbie” team for me. Not as players but just the team itself, though of course I know that most of them are from previous Chinese team already. 412 more words



We’re sorry we haven’t uploaded in agessss, we haven’t been able to record a video because we keep dying on hunger games -.-
Because of this we have been recording our new series on a cool map that we hope you will enjoy! 8 more words