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The free-to-play game that isn't actually free-to-play: Rollercoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile

So let’s get this straight, a $3 game which includes micro-payments and some of the ‘best value’ purchases being around $125. *Cue facepalming*


AMV Roundup! Final Fantasy Advent Children-Du Hast

What?! This is just too badass. The editing’s great and showcases the sleek action of Advent Children in the best possible way: angry German music. The timing’s absolutely perfect and I love all the cuts and eye closeups. 37 more words


"Zomboss Down" DLC Brings New Characters to PvZ

This week Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare released their second FREE DLC, called “Zomboss Down”. The DLC includes eight new rare characters, as well as the new Gardens & Graveyards map “Cactus Canyon”, and a slew of new customizations and consumables. 59 more words


Outset Island & Slender Man in PvZ: Garden Warfare!

So, it turns out that the PopCap crew must be bigger fans of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker than I thought. They make two huge references to the Zelda title in the same area on the Driftwood Shores map in PvZ: Garden Warfare. 115 more words


BioWare Reveals Inquisition Romance Details, Hints at Release Date

PAX East harbored some interesting titles, including BioWare’s highly anticipated Dragon Age: Inquisition, and lots of interesting new information was revealed for anxious Dragon Age fans, including some confirmed romances, exploration, and the idea of returning characters. 


Pax had its shining games as well as some duds

By: Steven Collins (@Shadylikeatree)

PAX East 2014 was here and now it’s gone, and I’m here to tell you all about what I saw, what I played, and how that will impact my buying experience in the future.