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AMV Roundup! Dragon Age- Blaze of Glory

A fun music video that focuses on the fights in Dragon Age and the heroics–and this game was all about heroics. I liked the inclusion of Duncan and a lot of the beginning rituals about becoming a Warden. 108 more words


Love Your Allies

So I met the nicest ADC today!  Summoner RuNei playing Tristana was easily the best and nicest ADC I’ve played with all season.  Shout out to you, RuNei, you are the coolest person in the world right now!   375 more words


Dragon Age: Inquisitioning While Black

I’m going to assume that everyone here has seen the second movie in Peter Jackson’s adaptation of The Hobbit, generously titled The  Devious Cashgrabination of a Beloved Story… 886 more words


The Joint Venture ™: Pickled Fish - Part 1

Here is the first part of our D&D session, titled Pickled Fish! For more content and information about this series check out our website:http://mediablastblog.wordpress.com/ 11 more words


Log book #00 - Ground Zero

It is the 22nd of November 3000 and restrictions on travel are finally taken down in the world of Elite Dangerous. After various crisis the economy broke and every commander in the galaxy lost their wealth and renown. 899 more words

CMDR Cortez

Dragon Age 2

Two weeks have past since I finished Dragon Age: Origins + Awakening so I thought it was time to start Dragon Age 2.

I spent ages in the customization screen and I went through all the possibilities but only to choose the default female Hawke. 230 more words


"Magey, it's cold outside."

Of course it’s cold outside- we’re on the frozen plains while you have nowt but a loincloth to cover your loins.

Given the fact that the first town in Icewind Dale is surrounded by snow I’m surprised they haven’t frozen to death running around in little more than a suit of splint mail or leather armour. 559 more words