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Nintendo Gives Wii Remote Plus Controller the Royal Treatment

Nintendo hereby announces a new Wii Remote Plus controller styled in the royal fashion of Princess Peach. The pink controller features many touches that pay homage to the Mushroom Kingdom’s most powerful heroine, who recently starred in the Super Mario 3D World game for the Wii U console.

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Kerbal Space Program: Solar Eclipse!

Just saw this when I as playing KPS:

I looked it up and it turns out there not that rare in ksp since the sun the moon and the earth are on the same plane, so it’s pretty easy for them to line up compared to real life where the inclinations are different making it a lot harder. 18 more words


FFVII - Those Who Fight Further on 16 Floppy Drives

So the same dude that did the fantastic Game of Thrones Theme on floppy drives also did the FFVII boss battle music on no less than SIXTEEN motherfuckin’ floppy drives. 40 more words


Nintendo’s next Mario game for Wii U could use the GamePad more, says 3D World’s co-director

Nintendo’s design team has told us that work has begun on the next Mario game, and that if it is to be a Wii U title, it could make greater use of the console’s GamePad.

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Retrospective: Super Mario Kart

There’s influential, and then there’s Super Mario Kart. Even by Shigeru Miyamoto’s lofty standards, the 1992 SNES racer had an explosive impact on the videogame landscape, but its blast radius was relatively contained.

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New Hong Kong Massacre Trailer Will Change Your Desire From Want To Need

Hong Kong massacre a game that, so far, has had little in the way of marketing has caused quite a stir in the indie crowd. The Hotline Miami inspired top-down shooter came out of nowhere a few moths ago with some incredibly violent and bloody gifs. 255 more words