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Lilith/Roland more progress

After much appreciation for this piece at comic con last week, I’m soon to finish it and it’ll be available for prints at £30 a pop.


Back to the Battlefield..

Finally re-discovered Battlefield 4 , I have been playing it on and off for a while, but not with any conviction. Wee I have now found a server I really like, and the clan that run it seem like a good bunch, they are the England-Clan, and have been in existence since 2006 so a well established crew. 43 more words


Warcraft reveals its title art

Taken from Superherohype.com:

Having previously released concept art for director Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie, Legendary Pictures has now debuted the logo for the March 11, 2016 release at the San Diego Comic-Con. 65 more words


Where’d you learn all this cool ostrich ranching information, Ark? Why, it’s gaming night!


Did you know ostriches can live for seventy years? And that they lay eggs for forty of those years? That they lay between 40 and 90 eggs a year? 41 more words


My Travels of Spira, Pt.3

Today, I finally made it into Chapter 2 of Final Fantasy X-2.

21 Hours in, I spent a nice handful of the time doing nothing but sidequests and leveling individual Dresspheres before continuing with the storyline missions. 426 more words


'The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 4: Amid The Ruins' Review

‘The Walking Dead Season 2′ is the sequel season to the acclaimed episodic point and click adventure game by Tell Tale games ‘The Walking Dead’ will this episode stand up to those that came before it or simply fall apart under the high expectations of players. 258 more words