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Total War: Attila - A Study in the Standalone Expansion

A standalone expansion is like an argument between a married couple:

A man sits down to dinner with his wife. She serves him up an eagerly anticipated meal he’s been waiting for. 967 more words


Gaming & the Decisions We Make

So, darling hubby has had this theory for years that gaming turns us all into virtual mass murderers on a horrific scale. We log into the game of our choice and set about questing, battling, destroying the enemy and/or the other side. 431 more words


About time we had a good survival horror

I hate to say this, but this game kind of reminds me of alone in the dark, just with a lot better graphics, story, controls…well everything really. 12 more words


World of Warcraft: Siege of Orgrimmar First Wing Review

As mentioned below World of Warcraft is a game that I’ve put countless hours into. I did take a break between Cataclysm to the end of Mists of Pandaria and the only raid that I’ve run in Normal and Heroic mode is the raid introduced in the final patch: The Siege of Orgrimmar. 696 more words


P.E.K.K.A.s, Archer Queens, and Witches, Oh My!

If you haven’t heard of Clash of Clans already, then I apologize in advance for giving you a new addictive smartphone/tablet game to indulge in. Created by… 1,113 more words



I never was into blogging. The closest I ever came to a blog were Matthew Berry articles about Fantasy Football, and even then it was quick, funny, and brief; a comedic introduction to prepare my brain for the inevitable boring, statistical barrage. 441 more words