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I’m not an internet icon. I don’t have a following, no fans, no one to either praise or condemn what I say outside of my immediate friend group. 1,034 more words


Plas stretches Beyond Gotham!

I’m not much of a gamer. Unless it’s paper-and-pen or played on a tabletop, I’m pretty hopeless — I haven’t even had a console system since my dad brought home an Intellivision from who-knows-where. 150 more words

Plastic Man

Games that make you go "hmm"

There’s something to be said for innovation. Without it things get stale, same-y, boring. Without innovation the world doesn’t move on, we as society don’t move on, we as a species don’t move on. 485 more words


Scientific debunking of brain training games

Stanford University released a statement about the brain training industry signed by 69 scientists last week, which Gizmodo addressed with the aptly titled Lumosity’s Brain Games Are Bullshit. 444 more words


Tonight in Alfheim

Tonight, the intrepid adventurers will continue plumbing the depths of Marek in search of the lost library of Caelden. Hopefully, they will find it. And bring it to Caelden. 318 more words


League of Legends World Finals - Part 2

On Tuesday I talked about the first two games of League of Legends World Championship Finals, both were – as most people expected – won by Samsung White, and many fans believed SSW will destroy Royal Club in 3rd game and proceed to lift the trophy of world champions. 977 more words


Return to Erozea

So I have been toying with Final Fantasy XIV ever since I played the beta last year, which is just me saying I want it but don’t have the cash for the monthly subscription, still I happened to find it in a hell of a deal and a 30 day trial is plenty of time to work out my next move. 307 more words