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The Joint Venture ™: Pickled Fish – Part 4

In the fourth part of our session the group enters The Beached Leviathan and Gimbal sings a song… about the cruelest animal in the seven seas. 13 more words


Coming to you live!

Maybe. Possibly. If I can actually find something to play that I feel reasonably sure won’t be boring for everyone else.

For those who follow me on Twitter (if not now might be a good time to start) I talked about streaming not too long ago. 590 more words


#Gaming: This Guy Got An 8 In #Minesweeper #spel #windows #sweclockers

Do you remember Minesweeper? It’s that insane hard game on the older versions of Windows, where you get to press with your mouse on squares and different numbers unfold, untill you click and a bomb appears and then it’s game over. 90 more words


Farewell Frostwillow, thanks for the good times!

For the past 6 years I have been playing a hunter in World of Warcraft. Frostwillow was created in June 2006 during Vanilla WoW and I really never liked the hunter class back in those days. 383 more words


New games throwback to nostalgic classics

As a lover of all things nostalgic, I appreciate remakes of games that I played as a child and the sequels of games I’ve been playing for years. 450 more words