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Wicked Wednesday: Vicious Variants pt 3

Here is the final group of variant creatures from the Starter Set. Since last time, not only has the 5th Edition Player’s Handbook dropped, but so has the adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen and with it a web supplement including all sorts of new monsters. 1,939 more words


Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 8/20/14

I would never ever ever pair these two together. Irvine is too much of a player and Quistis is much too stiff. The look on her face in this picture clearly says, “Are you kidding me?” with a little up quirk of her lips. 36 more words


Games and Literature: Forgotten Video Game Scripts of Famous Authors

Although the artistic merit of video games is, to some, still up for discussion, many of recent history’s most brilliant authors have felt the medium’s cosmic pull. 1,819 more words


Pokemon X/Y Nuzlocke: Day 2 – Tragedy

After arriving in Santalune city I went searching for the first gym. When I got there I found a woman on roller-skates blocking my way. It was the same woman who nearly ran me over on the path to the city. 368 more words

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Silent Hills Will Ruin Pants & Tomb Raider Exclusive


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The Gamecube Gets Less Respect Than Rodney Dangerfield


The Nintendo Gamecube will forever be the butt of all Nintendo game consoles.  It’s a purple little box with a small disc and a fat handle on the back of the system. 914 more words


Adding More Content

Just as a quick update, over the next few days I’ll be moving over some iPhone game reviews from my page on Examiner.com to here. 62 more words