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A $2600 Portable Arcade System of Brass and Wood

Anyone familiar with the Steampunk movement has probably seen objects like these keyboards, or these bugs (yes, really) while poking around on the Internet. 235 more words


What are @Xbox @XboxOne and @XboxLiveRewards thinking?

With all the bad news put out about them and them having to give in to what the people wanted, you would think instead of ignoring present customer’s tweets and posts to their forums, they would readily be jumping on top of mass problems like this, instead of just ignoring it, in hopes it would go away. 1,179 more words

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You shouldn't buy newly released Technology

When it comes to new, experimental hardware such as video game consoles or SmartPhones, there is no denying that the products are largely untested and the consumer is expected to find the bugs. 163 more words


Bengaluru Duty Free presents: The Xbox One

Image source: http://www.nbcnews.com/tech/video-games/microsoft-reveals-xbox-one-new-generation-console-f6C10009350

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s answer to Sony’s PS4. It features massive improvements over its predecessor, the Xbox 360. The One is more than just a gaming console; it is a holistic multimedia device with a fast and powerful interface, the ability to stream TV and video in a dual-screen format while playing games, Skype messaging, voice command operations, face recognition, and many more high-end features. 96 more words