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The Legend Of...The Pax Prime Wrap Up Episode 19 aka 18 Part 2 of 2

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In This Episode LonelyController and I discuss in detail PAX Prime 2014.In This Episode we wrap up the PAX Prime 2014 Coverage with the events and happenings of Sunday and Monday. 102 more words

Dark Legend

The Life Well Played - Spot Check 23

Spot Check returns!

In this episode I talk about the role of conventions in gaming culture, the role of play in gamers’ lives (and deaths), and how Gary Con fits in to that.


The Legend Of... PAX Prime The Show Part 1 of 2 (Link Doesn't Have Tits)

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In This Episode LonelyController and I discuss in detail PAX Prime 2014. In Episode 18 Part 1 of 2 we discuss the Events of Friday and Saturday from what we did during the days and what we saw AND into the night life that is the thrill of PAX prime! 102 more words

Dark Legend

How This All Started

For the past few weeks, the female members in my group of friends have continuously complained about the pain of living a sedentary life style. Without meaning to we were eating take out often, snacking on unhealthy food, and being lazy with working out. 80 more words


And So It Begins . . .

It took us a few hours to work it all out, but I think we finally have our ground rules in place and a layout for this six month workout. 287 more words