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Portal Stories: Mel a free community made modification for Portal 2 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Portal Stories: Mel is a #Portal2 #mod with a new protagonist and whole new adventure for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC gamers.

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Dying Light: When do we want it? February 27th apparently.

So I’m starting this blog up again as I haven’t touched it in around 6 months but I’ll try and display my anger for gaming on here as much as possible,I’ve recently bought a puppy so most of my wages are going on him so I can hardly spare £40 here and there for games anymore but I will try and keep some money a side each month for games. 291 more words


Octodad: Dadliest Catch sales top $4.9 million between Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and PS4

Octodad: Dadliest Catch has made $4,902,945 in #gross #revenue this past #year, with 459,735 units sold across Linux, Mac, Windows PC, and PS4. Pretty good for a game starring wobbly, paternal, pre-table takoyaki. 246 more words

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Frozen Cortex single-player Update is now Live for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Frozen Cortex, the spiritual successor to Frozen Synapse, has been updated with a #new single-player #mode. As we mentioned this back in July, now the # 474 more words

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Redxtechsquad makes their first mark on the bloggers page.

With just a dream and a few twigs and sticks, the Red X Tech Squad is now formed, we will be ever increasing in what will hopefully be one of the most awesome tech blogs so far. 25 more words

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Roguelike survival horror game Monstrum now available Early Access

About a week back, Linux Game News brought you details of an upcoming survival horror game from Team JunkfishMonstrum is more of a… 314 more words

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