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Smash Bros. 3DS Tops Best Sellers, Hyrule Warriors in Top 10

As expected, the upcoming North American release forĀ Smash Bros. 3DS has boosted the game to the number one spot on the Amazon best sellers list… 84 more words


A Closer Look At "Shadow Of Mordor" Season Pass , Trailer Included

Middle-Earht: Shadow Of Mordor is out right now for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment follows up with a closer look into the games season pass via an all new trailer. 71 more words

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Xbox One Finally Launches In China

After a brief delay, The Xbox One is finally outĀ  in China. The Xbox One coming to China is the first time a foreign console has been allowed to the country in 14 years. 160 more words

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Folders Everywhere: Wii U Update 5.2.0

The latest system update for the Wii U has arrived, and it has brought something that many have wanted for some time: folders.

This is a great move, and a very welcome addition to the other well done updates this year – the quick start update being the most recent. 39 more words


Doublefine's Spacebase DF-9 shows the vulnerability of Early Access

+Doublefine has been forced to defend itself against a barrage of negative #feedback from fans, after the company said that it is finishing up work on Steam… 444 more words

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Dungeon crawler roguelike TinyKeep released on Steam

Do not let the cutesy eye catching hand-painted look of the characters and environments fool you. TinyKeep is a loving yet #harsh mistress. Prepare to have a blast being punctured, pummeled, impaled, #grinded and more over and over again. 665 more words

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"Video games will rot your brain"

I love studies like this. I will let this article speak for itself. Suck it, Luminosity. Shout out to Florida State for doing research that is interesting and is fighting the negativity associated with gaming. 12 more words

Florida State