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8 minutes of Watch Dogs multiplayer

Ubisoft has released an 8 minute video giving you a crash course of what you can expect to see when you try Watch Dogs multiplayer mode.

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Batman arkham knight delayed till 2015

Shock horror another highly anticipated game has now been delayed till some time in 2015. Announced at wondercom the panel said that Batman arkham knight is now a 2015 project. 53 more words


Execute Order 66 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

When I saw that one of my favourite games on the PS2, Star Wars Battlefront II, had a portable version available on the PSP, which I could download and play on my PS Vita, I was skeptical. 1,275 more words


Review: Actraiser


Platform: SNES

Players: 1

I had never heard of Actraiser until recently, when I was looking at a top 10 SNES game list. It intrigued me, so I checked it out. 665 more words


It's Inquisitin' Time

The new Dragon Age gets a new trailer, release date.

So, we got this little gem dropped on us a couple days ago:

That’s right, ya’ pukes. 703 more words


GTA 5 Source Code Alludes To Jetpack

“An eagle-eyed modder who goes by Chr0m3 x MoDz over at Se7enSins has discovered that in the recent 1.12 update for Grand Theft Auto V, source code has been added which allude to the existence of a jetpack…” (read more)

Source: IGN


Watch: Gaming in Color – 'Gaymer' Culture Documentary

A LGBT queer gamer has a higher chance of being mistreated in a social game. The power dynamic of a geek society tips against them. Diversive queer themes in storylines and characters are still mostly an anomaly in the mainstream video game industry. 166 more words