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No Bullshit CV

CVs require so much bullshitting. If you’ve ever had to write one, you’d probably know what I mean. Writing about yourself must rank as one of the most painful processes we have devised to make our lives more difficult. 751 more words

New Video! - Minecraft: Diversity W/ Chikari2010: Escape Branch Part 2 - ESCAPED!

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Whats up guys, Welcome to part 20 of the Diversity series. A series that will last a very long time! 80 more words

Complete Daggerfall Covenant 1-50 Power Leveling Guide

Complete level 1-50 grinding guide

Helpful tips before you start:

  • You get more exp while grinding as a duo, rather than alone
  • AoE is required to get the most out of grinding…
  • 191 more words
Elder Scrolls Online

What's So Bad About the New Zero Suit Samus

Recently I have heard about the new Super Smash Bros game and the whole Zero Suit Samus dilemma that has recently shown up everywhere and I think it’s something that I need to share my opinion on even though I am not a fan of the series. 820 more words

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Cinders goes Egyptian for Happy Hunting this week!

This week Hunt Reporter and Host Cinders Vale goes exploring along the Nile River. She shows off gifts from The Great Pyramid Hunt and the… 26 more words

Second Life

Welcome to your doom: A Dark Souls 2 Review

Oh, you’re gonna die alright.  How you ask?  Lit on fire?  Maybe.  Stabbed by a skeleton knight?  It’s possible.  Crushed underfoot by a pair of giant conjoined lizardmen wearing plate armor and dual wielding clubs and scimitars?  543 more words


New Video! - 'Evolution' Minecraft Pixelmon Mod 3.0 w/mryeovil #2

Today We Play a Game all of you might Love Pokemon? Merge with Minecraft? :0 Enjoy Like & Subscribe! Version 3.0

EP1 – http://ift.tt/1r7GTie
Road to 100 Subs Starts Here:- 44 more words