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Resistance 2: Review

Forward: This is the third review that I wrote while on my Tumblr blog, and it’s for Resistance 2. It’s a bit shorter than the previous two reviews that I’ve wrote, because I was playing around with the brevity of my reviews at that time. 1,031 more words


#Gaming: So We Played '#BATTLEFIELD #HARDLINE' Multiplayer Demo #spel

My first impression is that much hasn’t changed. The cop and robber theme brings a sligthly different atmosphere to the game. It’s not pure war anymore, as we’ve been used with in this franchise but more like a battle. 145 more words


Imagining a Story in your Games

What makes a board or card game fun? Well, that question could be answered differently about as many times as there are people on this Earth. 460 more words


Hopes for the weeke-- oh, right, free game!

I was going to mention this last, but I figured that was very much burying the lede; I have a spare copy of Fallout: New Vegas… 316 more words

Stories, Packaged And Sold

Review Discussion Part 2

We loved the combat and act of traversal in Insomniac’s latest game. Here’s why.

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Surviving Horror - Alien Isolation: You Have My Sympathies

Surviving Horror is a periodical series about my favourite video game genre, survival horror. With it, I hope to explore how the genre got its start, how it effectively manages to scare us as players, and how it has evolved in term of mechanics, themes, and storytelling over the years. 2,333 more words


OCTODAD (Teens React: Gaming)

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