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Mutations (Part 2) - Drawbacks - Fantastic Mutagenic Powers for D&D

As one would expect, there are many downsides to being a mutant… aside from being a social pariah!

NOTE: Benefits (and rules basics) can be found… 2,143 more words

D&D 5th

Mutations (Part 1) - Benefits - Fantastic Mutagenic Powers for D&D


“Pollution, plague, and radiation mixed into an unholy soup that tainted and warped all it touched!  Some gained incredible psychic powers, while others devolved into hulking mindless brutes.  2,618 more words

D&D 5th

D&D Future Tech - My Take on Sci-Fi tech for D&D 5th edition

One of the things I enjoyed about the Numeria content for Pathfinder was that is more suited to fit with the core game in terms of mechanics.  1,711 more words

D&D 5th

An Interview with the Gamma World Online Community Leader!

Recently, Angelic Doctor Games had an exciting opportunity to interview the man responsible for founding the Gamma World Online facebook group, Matthew J. Angner.  GWO is a group dedicated to bringing together the fans of James M. 1,052 more words

Litko game tokens as holiday gifts

Say you want a stocking stuffer for your significant nerdy other, or want to give a small gift to a gamer pal. Litko makes quality plastic acrylic game tokens and other miscellaneous game items, offering a great gift for them. 313 more words