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May I Introduce Pip?

This is Pip!

Pip is 29cm (about 11.4in) tall and enjoys hacking things up with her axe.

You see, for creative writing these last two weeks, we’ve been doing some old school table-top roll playing, specifically the Famine in Far-Go module from the first edition of Gamma World which was release back in 1978. 408 more words


Encounters in Third Edition Gamma World

This is probably the most important chapter in the book as far as game mastering is concerned. In practice, you can get away with allowing the players to declare victory and go home at any point and simply call… 1,478 more words

Gamma World

Campaigns in Third Edition Gamma World

Most chapters in the rulebook are a confused hodgepodge of indistinct ideas, incomprehensible rules, and baffling omissions. While the chapter on adventures did sort of give you permission to just sling together a few “well-designed encounters” that culminate into a showdown with a major villain on a map packed with “special terrain features that provide a spectacular and possibly awe-inspiring setting for the climax.” Include some… 1,315 more words

Gamma World

Adventure Design in Third Edition Gamma World

There is an entire chapter in the third edition Gamma World rule book dedicated to adventure design. The designer acknowledges the importance of a strong introductory module in helping a new Game Master get a game off the ground. 1,048 more words

Gamma World

Tangent: Walmart Apocalypse RPG setting

One setting I am absolutely planning on playing in eventually is that of Walmart: Apocalypse. On the surface it’s an insane, ridiculous setting filled with Mad Max style zaniness, but it’s also quite capable of shifting to be hardcore survivalist horror as well. 817 more words

[Tuesday Map] The Mithril Temple

Roughly 20 miles northeast of the Resplendent Roadside Inn are a few hills that seem out of place – their forms almost shattered as if they had been lifted from the ground, crushed, and then dropped back into place. 262 more words


New Things

On occasion either the group on Saturday or Sunday may have a few issues playing the scheduled campaign. This happens with most groups but sometimes something good may come out of it. 375 more words