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Recipe Roundup for Easter Weekend

Here are a few recipes to make your Easter weekend as delicious as it can be. Happy Easter!

Prawn, fennel and grapefruit salad


That'll do pig, that'll do

The old phrase goes “If God had wanted us to be vegetarians, he wouldn’t have made animals out of meat” and I can’t help but agree. 290 more words


Trying New Things

Okay, so yesterday was SO much fun!

Yesterday, we went to my brother-in-law’s mum’s house, and at first i wasn’t so sure on the idea. None of you will believe this, but i’m actually really shy! 303 more words

Spicy Pulled Gammon - slow cooker style

I haveĀ a thing for easy stress free no brainer cooking and putting something in the slow cooker is one of the things that I find the easiest and most rewarding. 309 more words

Yet March

I wrote this last night, and figure I had better post it before it’s not “yet March” anymore.

Yet March (pdf)

It is yet March a day or two,

61 more words

Duck jambalaya-style stew

Duck jambalaya-style stew

I made this for Alberto and I on Sunday evening. It’s from a new cookbook called Spice Up Your Life that my lovely friend Chris gave me for my birthday when we met up on Saturday. 326 more words

Gammon, jacket and asparagus with cheese sauce

Gammon and asparagus with cheese sauce. I actually had a jacket potato too.

The kids had the same although the gammon and asparagus was chopped I side the jacket with cheese sauce but they started tucking I before I managed a pic! 34 more words