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The hand
It is such a vital part
A vital part of our body
A vital thing that decides history.

The hand was used
To pick up the Salt… 100 more words

What Do You Carry In Your Heart?

“You will see in the world what you carry in your heart.”
From Project Happiness

(Sunrise November 22, by me)

It’s thanks giving time. The time of year when we give thought to blessings in our lives and find a way to express gratitude.   613 more words

Khadi Trails: Spinning and Searching

This week we finally started spinning in class. On Tuesday, I walked the students through the basics of the process and off they went. Like fish to water, many of them effortless began making even and beautiful lines of yarn.   443 more words

Gandhi Walks...

Every so often as a photographer an image, a statue, a sculpture speaks to me in ways that defy words. Try as I might, this is one such image. 102 more words


Mumbai: from poverty to extravagance

With a small amount of time to discover Mumbai, we went on a tour with a guide, organised by the hotel. As this is India, it wasn’t long into the tour that we discovered that we weren’t undertaking the tour we had proposed, but instead the tour our guide decided we should take. 403 more words

Pride/Shame: Gandhi/Non-Violence as Violence [excerpt]

The contemporary Alone Self’s baseless esteem is challenged by the presence of other concerns esteemed through experiences with reality. Not to pervert Gandhi’s motives, but let us look at his oft-quoted advice about changing the world: 778 more words