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The value of high numbers

I have great respect for communities and societies who value older generations. I wish that we could all value and respect other people’s life experience and wisdom. 386 more words

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“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”
-Mahatma Gandhi


We Need Not Wait ...

In the Gardner Street branch of the Los Angeles public library, I rarely find much in the way of audio books to choose from. The downtown branch has a better selection—too bad it’s not as convenient.—but as I was running out of time the other day to pull things together for a short trip to San Diego, I resorted once again to the Gardner Street branch. 697 more words

Blog and Be the Change!

“You must be the change

You wish to see in the world”

Gandhi was so wise

Today is another Blog the Change For Animals days! Blog the Change asks: 248 more words

Unfounded hopes and fears in the Indian election

Here’s a briefing on the Indian election which I prepared for Thesigers


  • Structural reforms to address corruption and unemployment are unlikely regardless of the winner.
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The Elohim, a Couple of Nodes & Gandhi ~ A QHHT Session Given By Suzanne Spooner

My QHHT client, Matt has kindly allowed me to share his remarkable session story as well as use his first name. I like to say that every QHHT session is my favorite but this one is and will be a favorite for many years to come! 2,228 more words

Suzanne Spooner

FREEDOM FOR ALL!!!!!! by Philip Andermann


4/3/10 5:20 PM
by Philip Andermann

Knowledge expands exponentially,
a noise, an explosion, threatening to trap us, even destroy us.

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