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A Swami-full Day - Day 15

End of February, close to the end of the trip

Rain is predicted all day today. The clear blue skies and bright sunshine mock technology. After yesterday a sunny day is more than welcomed. 1,375 more words

Swami Divyananda

The luck of our Yatra

I’m sure we’ll get to regular postings — Tim Miller’s last blog post, for instance, deserved to be highlighted — but here’s one more Yatra-related piece. 200 more words


The source of the Ganges and, if you missed it, Sharath in the U.S.

While we were on our Yatra, we heard about the two weeks that Sharath will be teaching in the U.S. The first out in Los Angeles, the latter in New York City. 177 more words


A Dystopian Future: Water Pollution

These posts are part of “A Dystopian Future” series containing facts about our environment. The dystopian world in my trilogy came to life when I imagined current environmental issues taking a turn for the worst. 151 more words

A Dystopian Future

Early Morning on the Ganges

An exquisite misty sunrise over the Ganges, totally worth getting up so early for, at Varansai, India.

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