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Passages raised to support OEC/Gap Theory aren’t convincing

In Gen1v2 we are told the earth/world “was without form and void”.  This situation was then addressed through the miracles which follow.

These words are found together in Isa34v11 which is speaking of the effect of judgment on the nations.  279 more words

Genesis 1

Do the various Hebrew words Bara, Asah support a gap?

There are a number of Hebrew words used for creating and making in Genesis1.  Sometimes the argument is made of a clear distinction in these words which supports a gap theory.  563 more words

Genesis 1

How did the original readers understand Gen 1v1?

One pro Gap position suggests Gen 1v1 is a summary statement of the whole chapter.  While we read heavens and earth as meaning the universe and the planet, possibly the verse should be understand as meaning the sky and the land since the terms heaven and earth are used later in chapter 1.  661 more words

Genesis 1

Did the earth “become” without form and void? Gen 1v2

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.  And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”  Gen 1v1-2 KJV… 314 more words

Genesis 1

History of the Gap Theory (OEC)

The idea of a gap between Gen1v1 and verse 2 is a comparatively recent understanding of Scripture.  Thomas Chalmers, a Church of Scotland minister, (died in 1847) is credited as the man who popularised the idea of the gap, although the idea may have originated early in the 17th century.  326 more words