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How to Have A Successful Yard SALE


Part ONE De-cluttering your home…

We’ve been doing a lot of cleaning around our house because it was becoming too cluttered. Every time we straightened up it would be just a day before or even just hours before the house was messy again. 2,226 more words


The Little Garage Project

Hey, we are participating in this upcoming event, the Little Garage Project! This event runs by my sister in law and they sell all kind of things from branded clothing and bags to home appliances. 17 more words


It All Started with the Table

I’m in a transition period of sorts, which I guess you could say is always the case for humans. I mean, even if we decide we are not going to change, and we decide to sit very still on the same piece of grass for the rest of our lives, in that year the grass will grow, then die, the snow will fall, leaves will come and go, various insects will travel to and from our spot, our hair will fall out, and grow longer, our skin will scuff off as new layers form underneath become exposed. 832 more words

Garage Sale- Six Years in the Making (this is an old post I had accidentally posted to another blog- the original post was from 5/19/2014)

Fell asleep in K’s bed putting her to bed. Woke up on time naturally with the sun! Got ready EARLY! Feel like I’ve been hit by a bus, and still a ton to pack today, but happy about the progress we made yesterday. 149 more words

Garage sale table

While driving over to see Brother Awesome the other day, I stopped at a garage sale and came across a great little find for $4.  A solid wood, cherry maybe, end table in pretty serious disrepair.  395 more words


Maybe it's supposed to be this way? - We're tripping over the loose ends

Maybe we’re supposed to struggle these last few days to get everything done.  Maybe we’re supposed to have such a high stress level to get us ready for the transition to Dubai.   580 more words

Getting To Dubai