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How to Take the Bus Like an [Insert Profane Insult Here]!

As a high school student who lives 4.3 kilometers from her school, I have to take public transit. After years of taking the bus, you tend to realize things and notice the tedious actions some people do on the bus that don’t really flow with your… flow. 606 more words

Comfort Eating or "Feelings"

Wolfing down a cheeseburger and fries alone in the quiet, empty back room of a restaurant (so no one can see me) I find myself humming along to my animalistic chewing and gulping. 1,007 more words


Halloween DIY Spider Webs with Garbage Bags

EXPERIENCE: Intermediate

As I was scouring the Internet for DIY Halloween decorations, I came across a cute idea – Spider Webs made from garbage bags.The best part about it was that I could get a box of 10 garbage bags at the dollar store – now that’s saving money and making something cute! 900 more words

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