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Black in a Swell of Pain

I was sore all over. I woke up face first on a mat of garbage bags. It wasn’t the stench of rotting waste that woke me , it was the taxi drivers laugh . 281 more words


Save the Environment with Garbage Bags

There is only one earth and we must take care of it. Why not do your part in saving this planet by segregating our trash. Thanks to the colorful garbage bags that help us in separating our recyclables and chemical trash. 363 more words

Carpet Cleaning

Another Scavenger Hunt

Irene was here today.  That pretty much says it all.  I have a huge roll of garbage bags in my kitchen, somewhere.  Well, they were… 550 more words


Local seniors collect suitcases for foster kids

WICHITA, Kansas – One local group is out to make a difference one “bag” at a time. Members of the Wichita Senior Service Program have been collecting suitcases for foster kids since the beginning of November. 183 more words


INITIATIVE 4: Stop Purchasing Garbage Bags

Every time I had to purchase a roll of plastic garbage bags in the last year, it pained me. Just the thought of purchasing something solely for the purpose of throwing it out seems like the same thing as taking the five dollar bill and throwing it away, and few people would really find throwing money away wise. 423 more words


How to Take the Bus Like an [Insert Profane Insult Here]!

As a high school student who lives 4.3 kilometers from her school, I have to take public transit. After years of taking the bus, you tend to realize things and notice the tedious actions some people do on the bus that don’t really flow with your… flow. 611 more words


Comfort Eating or "Feelings"

Wolfing down a cheeseburger and fries alone in the quiet, empty back room of a restaurant (so no one can see me) I find myself humming along to my animalistic chewing and gulping. 1,007 more words