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Garbage Cans

Just a reminder.

The garbage trucks that are used to pick up our garbage are now all robotic.  As a result, they need room.  They have a mechanical arm that is used to pick up the cans.   44 more words

Drag loves garbage cans #atozchallenge #fiction #fantasy #dragons

“Emily,” I heard my daddy’s voice calling up the stairs. I could tell by the tone that something was wrong.

“I just got a notice from the neighborhood association that there were garbage cans ‘ 263 more words


The Cost of One Dragon Meal #atozchallenge #dragons #fiction

“Emmmmm.” I scrunched my face as I looked at Drag. She knew that tone of voice was never good.

“Coming Daddy.”

“For one meal, of 50 trash cans , Drag has just cost us fifteen thousand dollars.” 136 more words


Lincoln Park, Chicago


I just moved to Chicago few month ago, and yesterday i did walk  around my new neighborhood. Very nice place to live, a lot things to do, close to the lake, park, tennis courts and etc.. 13 more words

10 Things That Bug Me

It is so very tempting for a blogger to pour out his complaints on the web, hoping that someone somewhere will empathize with him (preferably someone fabulously rich).  491 more words