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Southern Telecom is terrrrible

Apparently Southern Telecom bought brand names like Polaroid, Uniden, Sharper Image, etc. My boy got a gift, a Polaroid P10 tablet in early December. 4 calls to technical support call center where every answer is the same non-answer with an Indian accent, I’ve come to understand just how garbage a purchasing decision this thing was/is. 115 more words

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Three Street Photos

I call these street photos though you can’t see a street in any of them 28 more words


Why I Quit: Gonna be the Twin Tail!!

The Why I Quit series will be a stream of conscious, unresearched rant about how bad a show is, why I quit it, and why you should most likely avoid it. 1,120 more words


Garbage of the Spine

Garbage gathers around spine and skull.
They shove between each spine.

Picking out each piece,
They stick a little in black
And green sludge.

The smell is acrid, 36 more words


You're going to begin to forget I exist


Its been a while since I posted. In case you hadn’t notice, I gave up on blogging 101 although it was fun while I did it. 46 more words


Discarded Ashes Burn Fence At Rocklin Home

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Discarded ashes caused a fire outside of a home in Rocklin.

According to a Rocklin Fire Department statement, a homeowner cleaned out their fireplace a few days ago and put the ashes, some of which were still hot, in a plastic container. 48 more words


Talk'N Trash

Every Wednesday evening, shortly before twilight, a cloud of dust churns down our road. As it approaches our yard, it whirls to a stop, sniffs around at the end of our driveway then pounces on our trash container. 423 more words