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Now for something totally different

I don’t know why this impacted me so much today. But I feel that it needs to be told.

I wondered why there was so much cancer in babies and young children and other ‘diseases’ and this answered some of the many questions I had. 457 more words

17. Lining the Can

Bad experiences with garbage day are inevitable; from the bag breaking to that awful fish smell, or worse forgetting it’s garbage day and then dealing with the two priors- it’s a chore. 62 more words



oohhh the Blazers and Rockets series is getting good. LaMarcus Aldridge has had amazing numbers the past 2 games. He had 46 points in the first game, and 43 last night. 123 more words

The ginger festival

I was in my wife’s car today driving so I choose whatever was in the CD player; it was “+” by the little ginger… 294 more words

Don't you love the smell of predatory banking in the morning?

From here:

The average credit card interest rate for people with fair credit has hit a shocking 21 percent, up more than 2 percent from only a year ago, according to industry group CardHub. 73 more words


Brody Dalle: Diploid Love

THE former lead singer of Australian punks The Distillers and Spinerette, Dalle is possibly best known in these parts for being Mrs Josh Homme, he of Queens of the Stone Age fame. 138 more words

New Albums

Obama/ruling class to corrupt the Net with 'preferential treatment'

From here:

The Wall Street Journal has a foreboding scoop that provides details on an early draft of the Federal Communications Commission’s new net neutrality rules. 89 more words

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