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Defending property rights has now become part of the war on terror

From here:


An act that is “dangerous” to property?

That sounds like a surefire way to classify any American that engages in political dissent as a terrorist. 25 more words

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Food wastage: please stop pretending to care

During my time in the culinary world, decidedly at the rear end of it, a concern that has drifted across from both the spawners and the feeders is the fear of wastage. 535 more words

Deadly chokeholds are ugly stepchild of Bloomberg's stop and frisk

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Finally, some truth in the press about the NYPD.

If you are not instantly obedient and completely submissive they will fuck you up — they’ll write you a big ass ticket, they will arrest you and delay your hearing so you have to be in jail overnight for nothing, they will leave you in jail for longer than the 72 hours without being charged, more than once in a while they will beat on you if you are not white, and once in a while they’ll kill you.

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Fuck Rahm Emmanuel!

From the Huffington Post:

Everybody knows how much I love the fake Democrat, corporate butt cleaner, anti-union Rahm Emmanuel.  From what I read a three legged dog or a slow chimp could beat him if an election was held today.


Does Your Stuff Make You Happy or Does It Become Waste?

“A raggedy blanket, a tattered teddy bear, the dog eared appearance of our childhood possessions is a testament to how dearly we hold our sense of ownership.   71 more words

Shitty Jobs - Day 60

Some weeks ago I experienced backchat in relation to chores. It was specifically in relation to collecting garbage and load them onto a trailer. The thoughts I allowed was “fuck, this is a shitty job”; “why must I do this”; “why should I have to deal with this dirty work”; “damn how disgusting this is.” I see myself as ‘too good’ to perform such work but at the same time takes for granted that the work should be done, just not by me. 896 more words