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Wishing I Was Best Friends with Zach Braff

A movie can be an amazing thing, if done well. It can connect with us, reflect us, shape us. It can stay with us for as long as it takes for the lights to go up, or it can stick to us forever. 844 more words

Doug Reviews: Wish I was Here

It’s easy to hate on Writer-Director Zach Braff’s latest film, Wish I was Here. In the years since his feature directorial debut, Garden State… 742 more words


The emotional beauty of 'Wish I Was Here' and our millennial problems

“When we were kids, my brother and I used to pretend that we were heroes. The only ones who could save the day. But maybe we’re just the regular people; the ones who get saved.” –Aidan Bloom, … 1,031 more words

Garden State-ing My Love Life

Do you guys remember that one part in Garden State where the male lead looks at his girlfriend…and of course at this point he’s feeling his real feelings after like 10 years of NOT feeling them, so wow does it suck…he looks at his girlfriend and says, “Fuck, this hurts.” 770 more words


Wish I Was Here Review

By: Mark Di Stefano
Rating: 9.5 out of 10

The first time I saw Garden State I was 13-years-old. It was the first time I ever heard of writer/director Zach Braff, even though at the time he was more known as the lovable J.D. 632 more words

Mark's Reviews

Review: Wish I Was Here

On paper, Zach Braff’s Wish I Was Here reads somewhat like a sequel to Garden State, his debut feature of 10 years previous. Braff still plays a struggling actor, Aidan, and he’s still trying to find meaning in his life. 511 more words


Wish I Was Here

Rating: R

A struggling actor reaches a crossroads in his life when his father gets sick.

Let me start off by saying no, this was not as good as… 94 more words