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Trailer Tuesday: Garden State 2

Zach Braff’s back, proving he does indie movie musing just as well as he does goofy doctor material and flying Oz monkey. The trailer for ‘Wish I Was Here’ points to ‘Garden State’ sequel territory, if only in theme and mood. 13 more words


Garden State

Garden State for Image Magazine / Photography by Sean Jackson


Pup Pictures

Let’s face it boys, at one point or another you’ve been either forced to or willingly chosen to watch a “Chick Flick”. Silently we all have our guilty pleasure films, but they don’t always break into that female cliche, which is where we enter our “Pup Pics”

Guilty Pleasures

Zach Braff's New Film Wish I Was Here Trailer

Due to being a big fan of Zach Braff’s Garden StateĀ (2004) I am quite eager to see his latest directorial effort Wish I Was Here… 11 more words

Wish I Was Here

I had never heard of Kickstarter before or had any idea what crowd funding was. I also was unaware that people were using it to fund their projects. 245 more words


Wish I Was Here

It feels like just yesterday we were learning about the news that Zach Braff was making a new film and funding it through Kickstarter. Well, we’re happy to announce that the movie was finally made and will be released in theaters this coming July. 44 more words