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It's Time

Everybody counted the losses after last week. And no one wanted to admit it. Okay, it’s still three weeks until The Safe Time, when harsh unsuspecting cold has no more power over the frivolity of pansies and violas…nor over the  deep yearning for something that can only exist in soil, compost and worms. 150 more words


The Hardest Thing About Writing a Poem

The hardest thing
about writing a poem
is giving yourself permission
to write it.



Winter breeze comes and fly away so sudden. Thirteen has gone to fourteen. It is the eye, in front, hands cuddle polaroids and memories. 

 Edinburgh, Scotland

Brassicas for the home garden

Broccoli is arguably my favorite vegetable. Not only for it’s taste, but also for it’s versatility. This year, I have decided to grow a variety of Asian Brassicas to diversify even more. 785 more words


Getting Crafty with Bobbin Mill

So here we are HELLO WORLD!!

Sorry to shout but this is my first blog and it’s here to promote my shop on Etsy which you can find at… 49 more words