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Lythrum salicaria: it’s invasive and destructive, pushes out uk-indigenous watercourse and riverbank plants and takes their place, but seeing the little islands at London’s wetlands in Barnes, each surrounded by a ring of the thick, waving purple stuff, I couldn’t help thinking, ‘I want that, that looks good.’ 230 more words


Footprints in The Garden

The success of a garden depends on the number of footprints left in the garden by the gardener.

These words come from a wise gardener who taught me the basic principles of successful gardening. 466 more words

On Life

Birthday Treats

What joy! More¬†sunshine. It’s been a lovely¬†mix of cosy evenings in, and lovely fresh sunshine outdoors during the day for my birthday week. (Well, a day’s just not enough is it!) I’m loving the warm temperatures too. 619 more words


dear brown thumbs,

Have you decided what you mean when you talk about gardening or being a gardener? Sometimes it can be important for us as individuals to decide how we want to function in an area of interest. 352 more words



If you are going into battle, you need the proper armor. If you are going to spend a bit of time outside, you should be dressed and ready for it! 192 more words


farmer muscles

We’re doing a little sprucing up in the backyard. The goal is to get the larger shrubs in this month, so they have plenty of time to get cozy. 63 more words


Gardener or Architect

Gardener or Architect. Two schools of thought, as explained by Brandon Sanderson in his lectures on the Write About Dragons YouTube channel (where he explains it in a much more concrete way). 1,216 more words