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Christmas Gift Ideas For The Gardener | Veggie Gardener

Find 12 Christmas gift ideas for the gardener in your family. Garden Christmas gift ideas. Gardening gifts. If you’re searching for that perfect gift can be extremely challenging at times, so I decided to present twelve gift ideas that might be exactly what you were looking for. 21 more words

Sexy veg: The internet is posting bum-shaped fruit lookalikes of Kim Kardashian


Everyone is talking about Kim Kardashian’s bum right now (yawn) but I rather like this latest twist.

Social media users are posting rude fruit and veg shaped like the slippery celebrity’s rear in their own bid to #breaktheinternet. 188 more words


Why We Garden

For safe and healthy food – Reports of food-borne illnesses and contamination regularly appear in the news media. Growing concerns about pesticides in our food supply have led to an increased interest in organic gardening and availability of organic produce. 927 more words


The Gardener and the butterfly!!!

A man was an avid Gardener. He saw a small butterfly laying a few eggs in one of the pots in his garden. Since that day he looked at the egg with ever growing curiosity and eagerness. 414 more words

Life & Living

My autumn colours #2

Following on from the first look at our late autumn colours, we continue our photographic tour of the farm. With temperatures still hovering around the 18 (65F) mark, much of our vegetation forgets to ‘do winter’ 96 more words

The Road

Those who garden come to understand the slow unfolding of the seasons.  They see the magic of life springing from seeds sown in the moist earth; they have the knowledge to nurture the soil through mixtures of compost, manure, fertilizer, and top dressing;, and come to understand that feeding the soul while playing in the dirt enriches the heart.   664 more words