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Sissinghurst - Crazy for Colchicums

I am guilty, guilty of having twice visited Sissinghurst this year and not having posted anything about it. Had this been any other garden I might have been forgiven, but on both occasions Sissinghurst was in its prime and more than worthy of sharing with you. 672 more words



The year is swiftly rolling from the excessive daylight of June and July to the dwindling hours of autumn and winter. I have mixed feeling about this, especially as I’m now back at work and have fewer hours each day to dedicate to gardening. 87 more words

Piers Cooper

Zucchini Bonanza and Nature's Bounty

S-S asked me to check on the zucchinis in our little garden today. Lucky I did. Look at this week’s crop!  The largest is about 30 cm long. 25 more words


I'm doing a autumn makover

Well, this garden boy went all in, that’s for sure.

Note to self: I must get this outfit, right now!  Go to store and buy a new colourful nailpolish. Light pink for instance.


Of Reaching Back, Grief, and the Garden ...

The past two months have brought me lower
than I can ever recall at any time in my life.

And while it would have been nice to receive… 1,020 more words

Philip Livingstone

Just what I need after a hard day's work!

After a five-day weekend, I knew what was coming at work today… Suffice to say I was glad to get into the garden and pick blackberries with my daughter afterwards! 118 more words


The Temporary Greenhouse (Photographs From The Beginning Of The Season And Now)

The steel framed and plastic temporary greenhouse I purchased this year has proved a little disappointing.  Light levels were lower than in a glass greenhouse while humidity and consequent possibility of disease was higher.   152 more words