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Gardening: the Ultimate Frugal Hobby

Back when I was a kid, my parents had a Garden that started off small, but which kept getting bigger and bigger as the years went by so that now it takes up a huge portion of their backyard. 313 more words

Frugal Living

Day 29 - The end of an era

According to wikipedia.org, “An era is a period of time marked by character, events, changes on earth, etc. …In colloquial language, eras denote longer spans of time, before and after which the practices or fashions change to a significant degree.” It is definitely the end of an era for residents of our semi-quiet cul-de-sac, especially those who live on the same side of the street as I do. 407 more words

Si vis pacem pare hortum

Higher and further into Wales: from Laugharne to the Brecon Beacons, to stop and stare and absorb the tranquillity at a friend’s place: marjoram with meadowsweet; the herb colonising the paths above the damp land, where meadowsweet shelters the pheasant family from kite and buzzard if not weasel or cat. 577 more words

Flowers #5373B

July 23, 2014

Lilies, whose scientific name is Lilium, has more than one hundred gorgeous species in its family. There are many plants that have lily in their common name; however, not all are true Lilies. 199 more words


My First Garden Haul

After finally managing to complete a whole Insanity cardio circuit workout yesterday, I decided to check on my garden while my dad flipped some turkey burgers and eggplant on the grill. 102 more words


My Yard Was Feeding the Deer & Rabbits

I live in northern California not far from the Oregon border. The USDA hardiness zone is 7b.

Living in a rural area means either fencing out the wildlife or experimenting with plantings to discover what they ignore. 803 more words

Retired Life

Feels like Fall

 Today is one of those (very) Vancouver days, very grey and wet. Don’t get me wrong, I love Vancouver and in fact, I prefer this cool weather to super hot temperatures. 148 more words