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Tutorial: Propagating chrysanthemums from cuttings

In late June, I cut back my chrysanthemums to make sure they’re compact and full of buds when flowering time comes in September and October. You can root the pieces you cut back from your own plants, and have dozens more plants the following year. 378 more words


Preparations for travel

As the days draw closer for DS and DH to travel back east, lots of preparations are  happening. Every time I think we are all but done, something else crops up to be dealt with. 549 more words

Eggplant Heartbreak

Heartbreak! Last weekend my first eggplant was in the early stages of development and looking spectacularly bulbous. Last night I visited the garden in a heavy rainfall to gather some herbs for dinner and found that the entire plant was nearly toppled over, with what appears to be little tiny bite marks on my glorious baby eggplant. 49 more words

Why Should I Need To

I’ve been takin’ advantage of those cooler than usual days we have had this summer and getting my garden tilled.

Keepin’ those pesky roots out just keeps me busy and all tired out. 53 more words

Cherish the day

There is a great deal to be said about an early September day when it arrives in the latter part of July. Yesterday we were bombarded by rain and an F2 tornado that struck not too far from here, but today…today has brought with it sunshine, white puffy clouds, and air so dry you can create static electricity by walking across the grass in your bare feet. 755 more words


Victory Garden Guide - Free PDF

Victory Gardens (War Gardens) were created and encouraged during WWI and WWII to reduce the demand on food supplies. Civilians were encouraged to plants their own vegetable gardens, in what little land they had, so that produce and rations could be sent to the troops overseas. 178 more words


Tips for gardeners going on vacation

We pamper our gardens all year, but then desert them to go on vacation during what’s often the hottest, driest time of the year.

A little planning can soften the blow. 724 more words