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Green Beans & Marigolds

This year we planted beans from the survival kit our parents just had around. They are a kind of bush bean called Spike. We weren’t convinced any of these seeds were going to germinate, so instead of putting 2-3 seeds in holes spaced nicely down a row, we just sowed them down the row. 399 more words


Tomatoes and Thievery - Growing Garden Weekly - 7/29/14

I have been missing my weekly posts, so here is an update from the last few weeks.


This year we planted 10 Roma tomato… 1,362 more words


Much happier post about the garden and shopping for Mom

Starting to get some tomatoes, patty pan squash and lemon cukes on the vines and they are just about ready to harvest. I have some purple cabbage, celery and more romaine to harvest. 570 more words


Pretty Birds

When I started looking for chickens, I started with a spreadsheet. As any respectable person would.

I listed breeds and noted traits (e.g., size, domesticity, egg production), narrowing the list until I had a small selection of breeds that matched all the characteristics I wanted. 43 more words

Living Things

Beets rule!

I am in love with beets. Today I shredded a few beets that I harvested from our garden at school and tossed them in an orange-mustard vinaigrette. 19 more words

Making my Aunt's famous Pie and Enjoying every bite...

I visited with my Great Aunt the other day. She is one of my oldest living relatives connecting me to my ancestors of the past. I love her house and her land. 386 more words