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Iris #120D

July 25, 2014

Irises are a genus of three hundred species of flowering perennials named after the Greek goddess who was said to have rode rainbows, so named because of the rainbow of colors the plant is famous for. 469 more words


farm friday - status update.

Status updates are integral in the life of an auditor (and probably a lot of other business professions).  Everybody needs a status update on everything . 462 more words

Farm Life


Ten years ago
Next month, the
Surprise lily bulbs
Were a departing gift
From a neighbor friend
Back in the Midwest
Every spring, green shoots… 33 more words

Floral Friday | Thirteen Yellow Petals

Yellow flower in front of a dark cavity in a South Minneapolis garden


Front-yard veges nurture a sense of community

At a recent dinner party, good friends of ours were complaining that they don’t have any real sense of community where they live. They don’t tend to talk to the neighbours, and don’t connect up with other locals, even when at the school gate waiting for their kids. 159 more words

Growing Our Own Food

Growing Things: An Update

Not so long ago, I posted about the humble but satisfying feeling of growing things. And now, holy crap! That humble veggie garden has gone mental and is spawning delicious goodies left right and centre! 46 more words